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Yes. Those would be pink pearl mermaids. If you get lucky, you may see the Pink pearl mermaid princess.

Actually, mermaids are just mythology, so they aren't in any ocean.

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Which ocean do mermaids live in?

Mermaids do not live in any ocean on Earth as they are not real.

What areas do mermaids live in?

mermaids livge in the ocean there for mermaids are real

Is there really a mermaid in endless ocean?

No,there are no mermaids in the ocean,it was just an old belief of saying that there are mermaids in the ocean.

What is the name of the Nearest ocean to Canada?

It is the Pacific Ocean!!!! It is the Pacific Ocean!!!! It is the Pacific ocean!!!! It is the Pacific Ocean!!!! It is the Pacific Ocean!!!! It is the Pacific ocean!!!!

What water do mermaids live in?

Mermaids are said to live in the ocean.

How many mermaids are in the Atlantic ocean?

There are none. Mermaids do not exist.

Which ocean is by California?

The Pacific Ocean.The Pacific Ocean.The PacificThe Pacific Ocean.

Where can you find information on the polynesian culture?

Pacific Ocean Pacific Ocean Pacific Ocean Pacific Ocean Pacific Ocean Paciific Ocean Pacific Ocean Pacific ocean Pacific Ocean Pacific Ocean Pacific Ocean Pacific Ocean Good Luck With D.G 27 Mr. Kraft Mrs. Cheon and Mrs. Elwells class;-.)

What is the largest ocean in the Pacific Ocean?

the pacific ocean is an ocean by itself. there are no oceans in the pacific ocean beside the pacific ocean.

Where is The Ocean on Sims 2 where you meet the mermaids?

There are no mermaids in and of the Sims games.

What part of the ocean were the mermaids found?

Nowhere. Mermaids are creatures of fiction.

Are mermaids in the Atlantic ocean?


What ocean is Bikini Bottom in?

Pacific Pacific Pacific Ocean Pacific Ocean

Are there mermaids in endless ocean 2?

There are no mermaids in Endless Ocean 2, but you can unlock a mermaid statue to place in your private reef.

Why do mermaids dont have love when they are in the ocean?

Mermaids aren't real, I'm afraid.

Do mermaids live in rivers?

No. Mermaids do not exist. In most stories they live in the ocean.

Are there any mermaids in the ocean?

Answer 1:No there are not mermaids in the ocean. It is just a fairytale.Answer 2:Mermaids are not in the ocean unfortunately. Mermaids are mythical creatures meaning that they are not real. Sailors often thought they saw mermaids during long trips out to sea but many people now think that the sailors actually saw manatees or other such sea creatures.

What is Atlantic Ocean undergoing?


What ocean is 1280 km long and 16000 km wide?

the pacific ocean

What was the first name of the Pacific Ocean?

The Pacific Ocean; otherwise it wouldn't have been the Pacific Ocean at the time before it was the Pacific Ocean because otherwise it would not be called the Pacific Ocean before it was called the Pacific Ocean.

What kind of land do mermaids live in?

Mermaids live in the Ocean, they do not live on land or in land.

Is the south Pacific Ocean a real ocean?

It is a part of the Pacific Ocean, it is a region in the Pacific Ocean. The Pacific Ocean is so large that it has to be divided into regions, example South Pacific Ocean, etc. So, YES, it is.

Which is larger the Atlantic Ocean or the Pacific Ocean?

The Pacific Ocean

Is the pacific the biggest ocean?

The pacific ocean is the biggest ocean.

What is bigger the pacific ocean or the Atlantic ocean?

pacific ocean