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No, there are more Muslims living in Europe than there are Jews.

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There are more Jews than Muslims living in Europe and Russia. True Or False?


Are there more Jews than Muslims?

There are over 100x more Muslims than Jews.

Are there more Muslims than Jews?

There are more Muslims in he world than Jews. There are about 1.57-1.65 billion Muslims in the world and only about 14-18 million adherents to Judaism.

Is Judaism the largest religion in Europe?

No. There are far many more Protestants, Catholics, Orthodox Christians, and Sunni Muslims each in Europe than Jews; there are around 2 million Jews in Europe today.

Is Judaism a major religion in Europe?

Yes, though there are Jews spread all over the world. If we speak only in terms of population, Jews are only significant in major European cities and there are already more Muslims in Europe than there are Jews.

How much Muslims are in Jerusalem?

definitely more than the Jews

Why did the spanish Jews welcome the Muslin invasions?

Answer 1Possibly because initially, at last, Muslims were more tolerant of Jews than were early Christians, who maintained that the Jews had killed their Saviour.Answer 2Jews assisted Muslims in their conquests throughout the Rise of Islam period. A great example of this was when the Muslims captured the city of Cordoba. They approached the Jewish community, gave them weapons, and asked them to be the stewards of the city until the Conquest of Spain was complete. The Jews sided with the Muslims because pogroms under Muslim rule occurred far less than in Europe. Additionally, as Jews were not Christians, Muslims did not fear any Jewish insurrection whereas they did fear Christian insurrections, making the Muslims more open and trusting of Jews. Because of this Jews and Muslims had minimal confrontation in Islamic Empires.

Why were Jews and Christians usually treated better than other people Muslims conquered?

The Jews and Christians were treated more fairly by their Muslim conquerers than others because they believed in God (not a pantheon of gods), so the Muslims were relatively more amenable to their beliefs.

Why does Israel have more Jews than the whole continent of Europe?

The Nazi Holocaust eliminated 6 million European Jews and Israel absorbed Jews from post-war Europe and the Arab World.

What caused more than six million Jews to die in Europe?

The holocaust, you ShlT...

Are there more Muslims than other people?

No, there are more Christians than Muslims.

Why does Europe hate Jews?

Europe does not hate Jews, at least not today. There has been a long history of aggression towards Jews, not only in Europe but the entire world, by Christians and Muslims. Christians and Muslims are sort of violent (or at least were) in their approach to convert others to their religion. Converting others is not preached in Judaism, which is there are no significant numbers of Jewish people in the world. Anyways, during times such as the ancient times or middle ages, Jews were prosecuted throughout Europe. They were tortured or deported or forced to convert to Christianity. However, significant populations of Jews still survived throughout Europe up until the reign of Hitler. Hitler was an immensely anti-semitic man (one who hates Jews). He came to power under the Nazi Party in Germany during the 1930s and was the reason why World War II broke out. He brought about the deaths of millions of Jews across Europe, which is why the Jewish population is much smaller than it should be today. However, today, Jews have equal rights as do most people throughout Europe, and are treated as fairly as Christians. Muslims, however, are not so lucky, as the opposition towards Jews has now turned towards Muslims.

Why were the Muslims more advanced than the western europeans?

I don't believe that Muslims were ever more advanced than Western Europeans. Perhaps during the Dark Ages, when Europe was basically isolated from the entire world and basically frozen in time.

What is more serious than the Holocaust?

Stalin killed more than 20 million people. Only 6 million people were killed during the holocaust, many of which were jews, Gypsies, Muslims, and gays.

Are there more Shiite Muslims than Sunni Muslims?

No. Sunni Muslims are the numerical majority.

How is eastern Europe different from western Europe?

- Western Europe is majority Catholic while Eastern Europe is majority Orthodox - Western Europe is more technologically advanced than Eastern Europe - Western Europe is more economically advanced than Eastern Europe - Western Europe has fewer countries than Eastern Europe - Western Europe is smaller in area than Eastern Europe - Western Europe is more populated than Eastern Europe - Western Europe is more densely populated than Eastern Europe - Western Europe has more countries in the European Union than Eastern Europe - Western Europe has more countries in NATO than Eastern Europe

Why are there more Muslims in the world than Christians?

This is actually incorrect. There are roughly 2.1 billion Christians and 1.6 billion Muslims. As a result, there are more Christians than Muslims.

Did Hitler want to kill all the Jews in Europe?

This is easy. The answer is yes. He wanted them off the face of Earth and after he got rid of the Jews in Europe, he wanted to continue his work for world domination and kill other undesirables. Jews were the main ones that were targeted and more than half of the murders committed in the Holocaust were alone just Jews.

How many people in Europe are Jewish?

As of 2012 there are slightly less than 1 million Jews in Europe.

Which country in Europe has the most mosques?

Turkey: even though it is in Europe it is a Muslim country, and has many of the most beautiful and biggest mosques in the WORLD! Ninety seven percent of Turkey is in Asia. The three percent in Europe cannot have the most mosques. Russia has more than 16,000,000 Muslims and Albania has the next highest amount with over 2,000,000. Because all of Albania is in Europe, all the Albanian Muslims are in Europe. Russia spans two continents. We don't know how many of the Russian Muslims are in Europe. If we knew how many of the Russian Muslims were in Europe we could make an educated guess as to which country has more mosques in Europe. We don't know, so at this point everything would be a guess.

Is halal the same as kosher?

No, kosher is for Jews and halal for Muslims. Overall, the rules for kashrut are much more strict than those for halal. As a result, most Muslims will eat kosher products while religiously observant Jews will not eat halal food that isn't also certified kosher.

Is eastern Europe more industrial than western Europe?

No Eastern Europe tends to be poorer and more agricultural than Western Europe.

Does Germany have more in Christians than Muslims?

yes, Muslims in Germany are minority.

In what ways are eastern Europe and northern Europe different?

The differences between Eastern and Northern Europe are: 1. Northern Europe is more technologically advanced than Eastern Europe. 2. Western Europe is more economically advanced than Eastern Europe 3. Northern Europe has fewer countries than Eastern Europe 4. Northern Europe is smaller in area than Eastern Europe 5. Northern Europe is more populated than Eastern Europe 6. Northern Europe is more densely populated than Eastern Europe

Can you essentialize the relationship between Jews and Muslim authorities?

It depends on the time and the place. Generally, though, Jews were second-class protected citizens of Islamic States. While Jews had fewer privileges than Muslims in almost every area, they were mostly protected from the virulent and violent forms of Anti-Semitism that prevailed in Europe.