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no people say the are more male then females

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Are there more males or females in Australia?

no there arn't more males than females

Do males cause more ASMR than females?

Although ASMR can be triggered by both males and females, it is suggested that females cause more ASMR than males. This is because females have softer voices than males.

Why does schizophrenia affect more males than females?

Schizophrenia does not affect more males than females. However, males are affected earlier and more severely, for unknown reasons, than females.

Are females more likely than males to have anorexia?

true, that females are more likely than males to have anorexia.

Does scabies affect more females or males?

Scabies is more common amongst females than males.

Do more females or males have gonorrhea?

Female.Females are more likely to get gonorrhea than males.Females are more likely to catch gonorrhea.Females are more likely to get gonorrhea.

Who is more flexible males or females?

It is generally accepted that females are more flexible than males, though there are exceptions.

Why are males victimized more often than females?

because males are mischevious and females are sensitive.

Are there more males or females?

The human population contains more males than females at a rate of 101 males to 100 females. It is generally the case however in western countries that there are more females as females have a longer life expectancy.

Why males have more red blood cells than females?

Males generally have larger bodies with more cells needing oxygen than females. Also, males do not menstruate, during which females lose blood.

Who is more apt to color blindness - males or females?

males are more apt to color blindness than females

Is pericarditis more common in males or females?

Pericarditis is more common in males than females with a ratio of seven to three

Do more males or females become veterinarians?

In the United States, there are many more females becoming veterinarians than there are males.

What do males develop more?

Males develop more testosterone than females. This is due to the way their bodies work. Contrarily, females produce more estrogen than males, and for a functional reason.

Are skinny jeans more popular for females than males?


Are there more females than males in the world?

No, there are more males in the world. World wide, there are roughly 101 males for every 100 females. If you look at a break down by country, more countries have a higher number of females than they do males. See the related link for more information.

Why do females cry more often than males?

because females are more sensitive !

Who has more muscles girls or boys?

Usually, males have more muscles than females. However, there are some cases where females have more muscles than some males.

How many more females are there than males in the world?

=There are around 3,248,080,000 males on the planet and around 3,214,983,000 females. That translates to men accounting for 50.25% of the population.==so the males are 1.o1 more than females.=

Why does Pneumonia occurs more commonly in males than females?

It is because males generally have a weaker immune system than females'.

How do you distinguish male or female African lovebirds?

Generally, males have brighter, more intense coloring than females. Females bite harder than males and the males will often feed the females.

What kind of genders of humans kill themselves?

I meant to write this which genders would do that more like females would do that more than males or more males do that than females.

Do males undergo more liposuction than females?

"Although the number of males undergoing liposuction has increased in the last couple of years, it is still females who undergo more liposuction than males."

Why are STDs more severe in females?

the urethra is shorter in females than in males

Is it true that there are significantly more females than males in the upper age groups?

Yes. Females have a higher life expectancy than males.