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Are there more people in the world dying than living?


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March 06, 2009 2:43AM

You might think that since we have an increasing world wide population that the answer would be that there are more people living than dying. However, the answer is that the number is the same. All living people are in the process of dying in one way of looking at it. So the same number who are living are at the same time dying. The answer is that the numbers are equal.

It is different if you ask how many in a day are born compared to how many in a day die. In that calculation, the answer would be that there are more births than deaths each day and so the population continues to explode.

Additional note: According to the US Census Bureau, the current number of living and dying persons world wide is approximately 6.8 Billion (as of March 5, 2009). For real time calculations of the population see the World Population Clock at the related link below.