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Are there more registered planes or cars in Alaska?

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there is more registered cars in Alaska. but the number or huskies more than quadruples the number of cars

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What pollutes worse cars or planes?

Cars or planes? There are more cars than planes running right now, but I guess the plane would pollute more than a car... they are making electric cars right now you know...

Which is safer cars or planes?

Cars plane have a more dangerous style of transportation

Are cars better than planes?

Planes cause they can fly! and faster and can fit more people!

Are cars safer than planes?

Not at all - look at how many accidents happen with cars compared to planes. It doesn't matter what causes it - more people still die in cars.

Does the plane or the car have a more adverse impact on the environment?

Planes create more polution per vehicle but there are so many more cars that cars far outpace planes in pollution. The total number of hours of operation for cars also is far greater than for airplanes.

How many cars in Canada?

There are more than 21.2 million cars registered in all Canada territories. There are more than 550,000 additional SUVs and more than 432,000 trucks registered in Canada territories as well. This is as of 2012.

How can we resolve global warming?

Make more hydrogen-run cars and planes

How are planes faster than trains or cars?

i agree, but there is more. One is that planes don't have to go around buildings, mountains, etc.

How many registered cars are there in Germany?

According to the statistics released by the Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt, there are more than 52 million registered cars in Germany. Volkswagen, followed by Opel and Mercedes Benz are the top car manufacturers amongst the almost 43 million cars registered in Germany.

What country has the most cars in the world?

The USA. it has more than 70 million cars on the road, not counting the ones that run, but are not registered.

Why cars are important?

There faster then horses, cheaper then planes, more personal then trains and its your own personal vehicle

How many cars are registered in Wisconsin?

As of January 1, 2007, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) registered more than 5.3 million vehicles in the state.

How many Dinky Cars were produced?

Dinky Cars were toy cars originally called Modeled Miniatures. There were around more than 250-300 Dinky Cars produced. The company also produced planes and boats.

Do people like cars or planes more?

In think people like cars more because you can through up on air planes and get sick. Plus in the car you can change the music and DVD in a van plus in big giant van like i have we have a live TV, DVD player and its about 12ft. high.

What type of transportation was used to travel in the 1900s?

they used planes,cars,horses,taxicabs, and abouch more other things

How did the industrial revolution bring major changes in tourism development?

Because it was easier to get to places - planes trains and cars were more mainstream.

What jobs can I get with an associate nursing degree in Alaska?

An Associate's Degree in Nursing can land you a job as a Registered Nurse in Alaska. Working as an R.N. in Alaska is a great idea, there are lots of job opportunities and nurses in Alaska are paid a median salary of $87,700 which is higher than the nationwide median.There are currently 5,730 Registered Nurses working in Alaska, with estimated growth of roughly 160 jobs a year.* Data from the BLS. Visit Nursing Degree Search for more insight into nursing careers!

Do planes produce more CO2 than cars?

I would presume so, Much higher fuel consumption so higher emissions.

When would a plane be more useful?

Well, more useful than a what? I would assume you mean a car or train or something akin to that, so here is my answer. Planes are usually a lot faster than cars and most trains, so that is one thing. Another is that there is very rarely traffic in the skies like there is on a major highway at 4pm. However, planes are usually only faster for long term travels. For example, it would be faster in a car from Paris to Berlin than in a plane. Also, I would wager that planes probably are in a long term sense, more efficient that cars considering the plane takes more than one person. Overall, I think planes are better than cars, although only very wealthy people have personal jets and whatnot, so I would say cars for practical use, and planes for official and vacation use (through an airline company, or course).

What are some differences between Alaska and Florida?

Alaska has more walrus. Florida has more manatees. Florida is the Sunshine State, but Alaska has the Midnight Sun. Florida has bright lights and Alaska has northern lights. Alaska has more coastline, but Florida has more beaches. Alaska has more moose, but Florida has more alligators. Alaska has more mountains, but Florida has more alligators.

What are the number of automobiles in the US?

There are over 200 million registered cars on the road in America. Each year more people buy cars in order to get the places they need to go, including work and school.

How much transport does England have?

Loads! We have buses, trains, tubes, bendy buses, planes, cars, bikes, cabs, motorbikes and much more! x

What are antique planes?

Planes that are old and not built any more.

How many cars are there in Mexico?

On June of 2012, there were 23,550,000 registered motor vehicles in Mexico, including particular and public vehicles such as cars, buses and motorcycles. It is estimated that by 2018 there will be more than 35,495,000 vehicles in Mexico.

Who makes more money registered dieticians or registered nurse?

Registered nurses definitely start out making more money in most of all places.

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