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Many adults realize that finishing a high school diploma can improve their ... guide to finding an adult online high school, paying for online classes, and earning an ... Discuss in my forum ... Online high school diploma programs offer adults the chance to schedule ... However, there are also other options for adult education.

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Q: Are there online high schools that provide courses to finish my diploma?
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After you finish courses that provide certificates you can send yourself the certificates from the Student Locker?


What do you receive when you finish high school?

a diploma

Can I get a diploma online?

Yes, they will give you a diploma if you finish your studies. You will need to conmplete the course in order to get that.

What time does japan schools finish?

Japanese schools usually finish at or around 3:30.

What is the number of courses to finish a major?


How many courses is to finish a major?


How hard is the high school diploma test?

It is not hard to get your high school diploma. You just have to finish high school.

Which engineering course will help you land a job right away and how long will it take to finish it?

Most schools provide engineering courses and job placement. One of the better one's that I know is Lincoln Tech because they will help you find a job. I think it takes about two years.

Does a Pokemon game ever finish?

it does,if you complete its courses.

What are the typical number of courses to finish a major?


why is it bad for me to finish online?

It is not bad nor good for you to finish you diploma/certificate online. While it may be difficult to explain to an employer, the fact that you have your diploma/certificate is the most important fact.

I want to learn Distance education for diploma courses?

sir i am working in Jordan . i am finish the ITC electricion coures so i want to learn more for same coures (DEEE) so can u help me please

What time does greek schools finish at?

At 2p.m

What do you have to do to be a police officer?

finish year 12 or have a diploma and do a physical and theory course:)

What does the game designer do in FireRed?

Gives you a diploma for your hard work when you finish the pokedex.

How can a 17 year old get a high school diploma if you can't go back and you do not want a GED?

The only way to get an actual diploma is to finish school. If you do not want to get a GED, then you will have to go to some school somewhere and finish.

Can can I become a registered nurse?

Of course you will want to finish your high school diploma but there are also other courses that would be helpful in your future plans.These would include a good foundation in math as well as profiency in the various basic sciences.

What times do schools in Norway start and finish?

The schools starts in August and ends in June.

Do you have to finish high school to go to fashion designing school?

Probably. Most college or vocational schools want people to have a high school diploma as an entrance requirement. Ask the school you are interested in and see what they say.

Do you need a high school diploma to go to community college?

A certificate of completion is not equivalent to a high school diploma or GED, and thus will not allow you to register for community college, college, university, many trade schools, or even take out student loans - it basically says you did all the coursework but didn't complete the requirements for the diploma. If you do want to go to community college, you need to finish the diploma by passing the necessary exams. Any college class will be harder than doing this, so there's really no point in going to college if you can't finish a high school degree.

When does summer vacation begin and finish in UK?

it depends on the school as private schools finish much earlier (about mid-july) whereas state schools finish about 20th July and restart about 4th September

What time does japan school finish?

Japanese schools usually finish at or around 3:30.

What time roughly do lessons finish at British and American schools?

at 3.00 normally in british schools

How do you apply for polytechnic diploma admission in Aime?

i finish my diploma in machanical with 70 per . i want to join aime .i need aime center in chennai address

-What times do schools in Norway start and finish?

it depends. some schools starts 09.00 in the morning and finish at 02.30 while most schools starts at 08.30 and last to 02.00 up too 10. grade. at high school the school starts 08.30 and finish 03.30