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Yes, there is an organization called the "Charity Car Program" which will pick up your old car and donate the proceeds of the scrap metal and parts sale to the charity of your choosing. You will also be given a tax donation receipt based on the amount your old vehicle is sold for.

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Q: Are there organizations specializing in the donation of vehicles?
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Do car dealerships have a car donation center?

Organizations that take donations of used vehicles have arrangements with specific dealers who process the paperwork for the donation. You must first contact the organization and then go to the dealer as directed. Car dealers do not have donation centers set up for general purposes.

Where might one learn how to donate one's car in New York?

There are several ways a person can donate a car in New York. The American Heart Association accepts the donation of vehicles. Wheels for Wishes also accepts the charitable donation of vehicles. Other organizations who accept charitable donations of vehicles can be located by checking with local human services departments.

Are there any car donation organizations that help car wreck victims?

Yes, there are several car donation organizations that help car wreck victims. Some of these organizations that help car wreck victims are TPI Victim and many other small organizations create by family and friends to help their loved one who has died from car wreck.

How can you make a donation to save tigers?

You can donate through paypal, to organizations like Save The Tigers.

Where in the California can one find a car donation center for charity?

The website Donate a Car contains a list of charity organizations in California and an online form for donation. They will pick up the car for free and the donation is generally tax-deductible.

How can you get a car donated to you?

Most car donation organizations sell their cars to individuals or sell them at auto auctions. If you contact a local car donation center, have your proof of income ready.

Which organization accepts furniture donation?

There are several organizations that accept furniture donation such as Goodwill, Salvation Army, Mission of Deeds, Lazarus House, Lifebridge, and St. Vincent de Paul.

What organizations can one donate old cars to?

One can donate old cars to 1-800-Charity Cars, Donate a Car, Habitat for Humanity, Car Angel and Goodwill. Schools and churches may also accept cars and other vehicles for donation.

Are there any car donation programs where I can send the proceeds to the American Cancer Society?

If you like, you can sell your car and then send the proceeds to the American Cancer Society. Most communities have organizations that accept donations of used vehicles, like the DAV. But there are no programs to which you can "donate" and get cash.

What organizations donate cars to people?

Many of the car donation organizations sell the cars at very low rates. The less fortunate benefit from this, though. See the link below:

Which charitable organizations will pick up a junk car donation from my home in Indianapolis?

Car Angel ( will do this anywhere in the country.

Where can I find out more about car donation tax deduction in NY?

You can contact the Better Business Bureau for information in qualifying organizations.

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