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A one word answer would be Yes. Narcissistic disorder is sometimes not the easiest one to identify and it is quite possible that a person may get away with it and retain custody - assuming she choses to retain custody for any reason.

In the majority of US states parents must file a parenting plan with the court when custodial rights are in dispute. Custodial issues are decided on what is in the best interest of the child, and it's up to the other parent and his or her attorney to prove the opposing parent is narcissistic. But even if they do prove it, that doesn't necessarily mean the judge will definitely rule one way or the other. It varies from case to case, judge to judge, and parent to parent.

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Q: Are there other fathers who lost their children to a narcissistic spouse after divorce?
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In a divorce, the other spouse has to be notified of the motion for divorce, and they also have to be notified of your intention to sue for custody fo the children. So, no, it's not possible to be granted a divorce or custody of the children without the other spouse being notifiied of the intent.

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In this state, at least, your spouse must file for divorce in the county of residence. All court documents with only a few exceptions (children, sealed incitements) are public record. If a petition for a divorce has been filed, it will be on record.

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Probably Spouse first, then his Estate then the children.

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Spouse or not. Married or not. Your relationship to the ex is irrelelvent. The father of the children (or fathers) are on the top of a long list of "family" in relation to the children. Multiple fathers will split up the children. Create a living will so the kids can stay together with ONE father.

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What rights do you have to your fathers estate in Texas when there is no will and he has remarried?

The community property will be split in half, half for his spouse and the other half for his children. The separate property, if any, will go to the children, with 1/3rd going to the spouse. And the spouse will have a life estate in 1/3rd of all real property with the remainder to the children.