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Are there problems with Vauxhall Vectra handbrakes?

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help us vectra owners out pleasehavent got to the bottom of it yet but my vectra rolled off after being parked for about half an hr. after which i came out to find it at ther bottom of the hill with £|1500 of damage any one help me out .

Hi, I have an 05 Irish reg vectra and about a year ago Opel wrote to me saying there had been a "small" number of "incidents" involving the handbrake disengaging itself and I should take the car to have the handbrake modifyed free of charge, which would would correct the problem but without actually admitting that there was a fault.

Personally, the handbrake slipped off on me once or twice and at first I thought maybe I didn't put it on properly but the second time I am 100% sure that it did it itself but as the car didn't move I didn't make an issue of it but you should certainly try to get compensation as no one I know has ever heard of there being a knack to putting on a handbrake. It's either on or it's not and it definitely shouldn't slip off.

Best of luck.

Vauxhall/opel did a free upgrade to the spring on the handbrake apparently the old one wasn't strong enough and the handbrake could disengage itself

It also suggested leaving the car in 1st gear if pointing downhill or reverse if pointing uphill to stop it from rolling.

Vauxhall C owner

2011-09-12 15:14:30
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Q: Are there problems with Vauxhall Vectra handbrakes?
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