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I'm sure you have heard that there is nothing like a "free lunch". Well, there is no such thing as an absolutely "free cell phone" either. You may get a free handset but you still have to pay to get it activated and since it was "free" you have to go by the regulations of the place where you got your free cell phone from. Free cell phone offers come with certain strings attached, such as:

  • Free After Money-back: Very often you have to first pay for the cell phone and then claim a mail-back rebate which makes your cell phone "free". The process can take a long time, even as much as a couple of months. Some people simply forget about the offer, some lose the rebate coupon, while some just keep postponing till the money-back offer expires. For whatever reason, very few people actually claim their rebate and the seller benefits from our expected lethargy and forgetfulness.
  • Longer contracts: Usually with a free cell phone offer you may be required to enter into a contract and commit for a longer period of 2 years instead of 1 year. You are liable to be stuck with your free cell phone even if you do not want it anymore as you have committed to it.
  • Quality: Cell phones provided with free offers are the cheapest and the lowest quality wise. You will get a very basic cell phone which does not have any useful features. It will be large, bulky, and heavy to carry around. Definitely not something you will show off. Instead of accepting a bad free cell phone with a lot of minutes, it may be wiser to go in for a better, sleeker, and stylish phone if you do not need all that airtime.
  • Higher rates: Free cell phone merchants tell you that you can get phone plans from the major service providers and even at the same rates. What they will certainly NOT be telling you is that the rate plans offered tend to be the most expensive ones.

If you are on the look out for a "free" cell phone, it might just become more costly than buying one. Which is not to say that free cell phone offers are terrible but just that they are not free.

  • You should try some of the offer available online. Some companies do offer free cell phones, but they require you to participate in a competition or draw. Sometimes they offer famous cell phones like "iPhone 4" or "Blackberry", but they also have terms and conditions. You can search for offers in your locale for further details and if you are lucky, you will get a free cell phone.

This is a great answer and is very accurate however there are places you can get a high end free phone with new service or an upgrade. Yes there is usually a new activation charge but sometimes not depending on what's advertised and 2 year contracts but it's the contract that make up the companies loss on the free phones. I've added the free phone section of one such site.

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Q: Are there really any free cell phones?
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Which cell phones are compatible with mobile AIM?

Any phones really....well any phones that have internet can be connected to AIM. does that help????

Are there any services in Wisconsin that offer free cell phones for emergency use?

All phones without programming still can be used for a 911 call. American Cell Phone drive offers free 911 cell phones to anyone. Check them out at:

Are there any free cell phone chat applications?

Most cell phones do have free chat applications. If you have a smartphone you can download many services. The top chat service for mobile phones are Chat Plus and Text Free.

Is there any place I can find free cell phones?

Safe link Wireless: Exposing the Free Government Cell Phone Scam 11, 2009 " Is there some sort of free government cell phone service we didn't know about? ... a bank on a mortgage they never really qualified for in the first place. .... If you can find out what rock he's hiding under_send him this way. ..

Which national company gives away free cell phones?

There are free phones from the government if you get any kind of assistance. Also quite a few of the national cell phone companies like At & T and Verizon will give you a free phone with a subscription.

How is it possible to track cell phones?

Cellphone towers have the ability to pinpoint a phones location within 30 feet. Their is a gps system in your phone that cell phone companies can locate at any time. There are gps tracking apps for phones that you can download on your phones for free which show that it is possible to track phones.

Are there any good free cellphones when signing up for Verizon?

Verizon offers a variety of free cell phones when you sign up for a service contract. Most of the phones are usually LG Electronics phones with limited capabilities but from time to time, they offer newer phones as a promotion.

Are there any cell phones that offer GPS tracking for free?

Yes there is. This cell phone is known as a blackberry. These phones come with apps that allow you to GPS track. This app can go either way, to be tracked or to track.

Is there any cell phones maufacturers that warranty their accesories as well as their phones?

Verizon Wireless has a great warrenty plan for their accesories and cell phones.

Are there any Free cell phone plans.?

Yes, there is one federal program for low-income individuals that offers free cell phones and minutes. SafeLink Wireless is the carrier, they are online at

Do all cell phones have GPS phone tracking?

Not all cell phones have the ability for GPS to track all of their movements. However, most cell phones do. Any of the top of the line smart phones have this ability.

I work with handicapped/lowincome people who are in need of cell phones, but due to limited funds. is their any programs that will give them free service/phones?

yea go to safelinkwireless.con work with someone that need cell is m.r. low income

How can cell phones protect us?

In case you are in a situation, cell phones are there to call 911 or any other emergency number.

Can you have cell phones in job corps?

Cell phones are allowed on center; however, cell phones can not be used during training hours in any building. The phones should be kept in your pocket or purse and turned off. You may use your phones during lunch.

Is the android cell phone really expensive?

There really isn't an Android cell phone. Android is the name of the Linux-based operating system that a variety of phones run on. Android based phones are available in a range of prices, and the cost also varies depending on any special offers you receive from your cell phone carrier.

Does Verizon offer any free cell phones with plan renewal?

Yes they do. Go to the Verizon website and you'll be able to see a list of phones that come with the renewal plans. Some are free and others are with the 2 year agreement price.

How can you track any cell phone by GPS?

You can not track cell phones by GPS.

What kind of cell phones can you cell for money?

Any phone people want

Are there any statistics for lost cell phones?

There are statistics for lost cell phones. There are statistics for basically anything that happens in the world for example.

Why should kids not have cell phones?

yes i think kids should have cell phones because an emergecy can hapen any were and anytime

Are there any cell phones made in US?

ya there are a thousands of cell phones in the US you should come and buy one if you want to

Is there any such thing as cell phones?

Yes of course there is

Will Android Support Free WiFi Use of Cell Phones Kogan Technologies is coming out with a cell phone based on the Android Platform.. is the era of free cell phone use about to begin?

yes android can be connected to any free (or encrypted) WiFi access point ... kogan agora is not on market ... but there is a lot of other android phones ... HTC HERO, just use google search ...

Are no contract cell phones cheaper Where can i go to get one How do they work Do they have cards?

No cell phone contract phones typcially cost more out of pocket when you first begin. There aren't any deposits that you have to worry about so that is a plus. You can find these cell phones at any store that sells cell phones, like Wal-Mart, RadioShack and even Target.

How do you get free cell phones?

You can't get a free phone unless you are a hacker and a robber you need to buy a phone. or Keep walking on the roads and streets, If u r lucky u may get any phones lost by some other. i got it once......