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Q: Are there red bugs in Spanish moss?
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What is the symbiotic relationship between Spanish moss and trees?

the spanish moss is a thick red coated moss on trees

Are there bugs in Spanish Moss?

Yes. The following excerpt is from an article on the School of Forest Resources & Conservation at UF website. Many animals use Spanish moss for protection, taking cover in thick masses of pendent strands. Many insects and other invertebrates hide in moss masses, making it an unlikely choice for bedding by campers. The prevalence of "red bugs" or chiggers in the plant is legendary. Spiders, thrips, and dozens of other insects hide in the moss as well. This abundance of invertebrates may or may not be the reason that at least two species of bats also use festoons of Spanish moss for cover. Both red bats and pipistrelles use masses of Spanish moss as day-time resting sites. It's somewhat common knowledge, "not to use moss as a toy".

What do you feed Moss bugs?

moss bugs eat fresh leaves off trees.

When was Spanish moss created?

Spanish moss was created in 1762.

What eats Spanish moss?

What animals eat spanish moss

Is red moss dead moss?

Red moss another kind of the 12,000 species of moss the black one is DEAD.

Is a Spanish moss producer?

Yes, it is a producer, all moss are producers!_/\_*0*_

Is spanish moss comsumer producer or decomposer?

Moss is a decomposer.

What is the Latin name for red moss?

the latin name for red moss is "arusseus masis". !

How does spanish moss reproduce?


Is spanish moss in the family of the pineapple?


What plant does Spanish moss grow on?