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Yes, salamanders are found in some deserts. Most remain buried until periods of substantial rain.

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Q: Are there salamanders in the desert?
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Are desert salamanders a group or pack animal?

Salamanders are solitary animals. They do not run in packs or herds.

Do amphibians live in the desert?

Yes, there are a number of species of toads, frogs and salamanders that are adapted to life in the desert.

Can salamanders live in the desert?

No, salamanders require a certain amount of moisture to keep from dehydrating that does not typically exist in the desert. Thus the evolutionary development of scaly skin to retain water away from a source which is theoretically where reptiles came from.

Are salamanders found in the desert?

There are some salamanders that live in some deserts. In the deserts of the southwest United States the tiger salamander is found. However, it only emerges during heavy rains.

Are salamanders found all over the world?

No, not in arctic and antarctic climates nor in the most severe desert regions.

Do salamanders give birth?

how do born salamanders come out adult salamanders

How do salamanders give birth?

how do born salamanders come out adult salamanders

What is an amphibian that lives in the desert?

In the United States there are a variety of toads and salamanders to be found in the deserts. Most spend almost the entire year underground and only emerge during the rainy season. Examples: spadefoot toads and tiger salamanders.

Are salamanders anphibians?

Salamanders are anphibians

What is the collective noun for a group of salamanders?

A group of Salamanders is called a "band" of Salamanders.

What are small salamanders called?

salamanders If you mean a salamanders young, they are called larve.

What kind of animals are salamanders?

Salamanders are amphibians.

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