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Yes indeed. There are schools that you can take online to get your high school diploma. It is much better to actually get your high school diploma than your GED.

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Yes there are a lot of online schools that enable you to get your GED. I wish you the best of luck in this life changing decision.

There are many programs offered online to help you in completing your high school education. By simply searching you can come up with many schools that will make sure you can get your GED online. offers true accredited high school diplomas online. They are very affordable and offer zero interest 'student loans' as low as $40 a month. My husband has his diploma through them and I know several others who have since gone on to college.

Accredited high school diplomas are considered legitimate and recognized. Online schools are no different from regular schools and they need to get accredited in order to be recognized as legitimate. Winford is an accredited online school, so diplomas issued by them should be considered legitimate and recognized.

Why in fact they do, there are even some schools such as penn foster that offer them. At the minimum they can prepare you for your GED test.

At you can find a list of institutions that offer online high school diplomas. You should browse each offering at find one that matches your price range and interests.

There are many websites, such as and that offer accredited high school diplomas. These diplomas can be earned by doing course work online rather than in person at a school.

There are many accredited online home schools for all grades, from kindergarten up to the senior year of high school. Many families prefer to educate their children in accredited home schools, rather than in the public educational system, because they believe that the home schooling environment and curriculum are better educational options for their children than what is offered in the public school systems.Home schools are affordable and convenientHome schools are an affordable way to go to school, whether the student is a child or an adult. The convenience of studying at home makes home schooling highly attractive to many people who do not particularly like the atmospheres found in typical classroom settings. Some people never attain their high school diplomas at all because of the fear or anxiety of attending high schools in person, and home schooling is the perfect solution for these individuals. Online home schools offer prospective students affordable and practical methods by which they can obtain their high school diplomas.It is important to make sure that the home school of choice is accredited, since there are many online schools that are not. A valid high school diploma is only granted by an accredited home school. Adults can earn high school diplomas at accredited online home schoolsAdults who are not high school graduates, but want to earn their diplomas in order to have better job prospects for their futures, can study at online home schools in order to earn their high school diplomas. It is often embarrassing for adults, especially older adults, to attend offline high school classrooms, and online schools provide alternative options.Many individuals are currently unemployed and trying to find jobs. Some of these persons do not have high school diplomas, and receiving their high school diplomas provides them with better credentials when they apply for prospective jobs. It is easy to get a high school diploma by attending one of the reputable accredited online home schools.

You can get a GED quickly but GED is not a high school diploma and it does not get as much value as a high school diploma. There are some online high schools that offer high school diplomas on the basis of work experience and prior learning. Beware of scam though, remember private schools need accreditation to issue a high school diploma so if this Adison high school offers an accredited diploma then you are probably safe.

An accredited high school diploma is typically obtained by attending school online. These diplomas are from actual high schools and differ greatly from a GED certificate.

Public colleges and universities and Military services accept high school diplomas issued by accredited or recognized high schools. Most public high schools are recognized and most online schools are also accredited so their diplomas are accepted. However your high school diploma is not a ticket to entrance. You will still have to apply and go through each institution's own evaluation process.

Nation High School offers accredited diplomas. I got this link from google

Their are not many high schools that offer degrees online, however, due to certain situations, most high school can accomodate your school schedule to help you achieve a degree.

Online high schools and colleges are just as legitimate and accredited as other schools and colleges and their diplomas are generally accepted everywhere. However, admission to a university does not depend solely on where you previously studied. However, admission in a college cannot be rejected just based on studying from an online high school.

High school is where you go, and high school diplomas is what you get when you graduate.

Yes.Even some high schools offer this an an elective.

Instead of going to a traditional calssroom setting school, there are many schools now that offer the same courses and material online. So this has many benefits because you can work on your school work from home or anywhere with Internet access.

American Public University will accept most high school diplomas from accredited programs, including home schooling, online high schools and GEDs.

Yes, most high schools offer at least some instruction in art. In case another school has a better art curriculum it may be possible for your son to transfer to that particular high school.

Online high schools and the diploma they offer are as real as traditional high school diploma. Being an online high school does not mean that academic certifications awarded by the school are unreal in any way. Alford is an accredited high school, which means that the diploma they offer is real and it follows the same guidelines and quality standards as traditional high schools.

Private schools need to be accredited to issue a high school diploma. A school with accreditation can reward a high school diploma. Colleges accept high school diplomas if they are issued by an accredited school. Nation high school is accredited so most colleges should accept their diploma. However, your admission to a college does not depend on your high school diploma alone. Colleges consider several other things before granting you admission.

Have a look at the side for GED... it´s equal to the high school diploma and you don´t need to go to school. GED or high school diplomas are not offered online Any online schools are not accredited and a waste of money

Highschooldiplomaonline offers a free service where high school diplomas are made available online for free. There are other sites out there that offer very similar programs.

Many high schools offer Home-Economics classes that teach cooking Impov: Also, many UK high schools simply offer a Food Technology class.

Firstly let me correct you that no school in the United States or Canada offers GED. Schools offer a high school diploma. When you mentioned GED I immediately checked this school, and I was right. They do not offer GED, instead they offer a high school diploma program. May be they wanted to attract people who are planning to do GED by offering them an alternative program. In short, to answer your question, they don't offer GED. <><> Whether they're a scam or not, they offer "life experiences" diplomas instead of regular courses, so the government and universities won't accept their paper. You spend your money for nothing you can use...draw your own conclusion.