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You can get a GED quickly but GED is not a high school diploma and it does not get as much value as a high school diploma. There are some online high schools that offer high school diplomas on the basis of work experience and prior learning. Beware of scam though, remember private schools need accreditation to issue a high school diploma so if this Adison high school offers an accredited diploma then you are probably safe.

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It helps to start by describing the difference between basic/primary education and secondary education. Primary/basic education is designed to give a sound basic education in reading, writing and mathematics along with an elementary understanding of other subjects. Secondary education builds on that to complete basic education, usually on a more subject-oriented pattern, and aims to lay the foundation for lifelong learning and human development in preparation for tertiary education, or to provide skills relevant to employment, or both. A secondary degree is a degree or diploma granted at the completion of Secondary education. In the USA this would be a high school diploma or GED. In Britain it might be called a secondary school diploma or degree.

The requirements to become an ultrasound tech may vary based on each state's requirements. For instance, in California, an Ultra Sound tech needs to have a high school diploma. Then, the person needs to complete accredited training in vocational school which offers ultrasound technician classes. Usually, this certification is enough to qualify an individual as an ultrasound tech,

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I am a Japanese high school student. High school in Japanese is Koukou. But it is pronounced Kohkoh, long vowels in Japanese are written with the first sound then a う (translates into a u sound) people writing it write the u and this gives the wrong idea, so once again it is said kohkoh like as in "oh, i didn't know that" that o sound

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Answer 1: It is an online high school offering accredited online highschool diploma program. Online high school programs are just as legitimate and recognized as traditional high school diploma. Such programs allow thousands of students to continue their education and finish their high school diploma.Answer 2: The first answer is generally accurate regarding the legitimacy of "online" versus more traditional "in-classroom;" however, it is dead wrong about the legitimacy of Penn Ford High School. Whomever wrote that answer, then, is either simply confused/mistaken, or s/he is somehow affiliated with Penn Ford and so is likely a diploma millists......because, trust me, Penn Ford High School is a despicable diploma mill.STAY AWAY FROM IT!The practice of giving a school a name that's intentionally confusingly similar to the name of a well-known andlegitimateschool is one of the diploma millists' oldest tricks in the book! The name "Penn Ford" is obviously supposed to sound confusingly similar to "Penn Foster." Penn Foster is a legitimate and accredited high school; Penn Ford is a despicable diploma mill.DO NOT BE FOOLED!Penn Ford's alleged "NABAE accreditation" isn't worth the paper on which it's written. And there is no such thing as "globally accredited," as Penn Ford claims on its website.Never believe any school's claims, on its website, regarding its accreditation. Always, always, always independently verify a school's accreditation by looking-up said school on its accreditor's website; and make sure, first, that said accreditor is even a real accreditor. The good-for-nothing Penn Ford is claiming something it calls "NABAE" accreditation. Sadly, NABAE is not really an accreditor.In order to be an accreditor -- at least in the US -- said accreditor must be approved by the US Department of Education (USDE). Period. If an accreditor is not USDE approved, then it's not an accreditor. Simple as that.NABAE is not USDE-approved; and so it's not an accreditor. Period. And no amount of such as Penn Ford's claiming otherwise will change that.Moreover, there's no such thing as an international body which overrides or supersedes that! Accreditation is a country-by-country (or in the case of the EU,canbe (but only in a limited way) a multi-national) sort of thing. There is no such thing, though, as "global" accreditation. Technically, there isn't really any such thing as legitimate and universally-recognized international accreditation.In the United States, only a diploma from a high school that's accredited by one of the six big "USDE-approved regional" accreditors is universally acceptable to all employers, colleges/universities, the military, etc. Yes, there are USDE-approved "national" accreditors; and their accreditation is very, very good. However, there is a pro-"regional" and anti-"national" bias among employers, colleges/universities and the military when it comes to high school diplomas. Only a "regionally" accredited high school's diploma will work. "National" accreditation is only useful with college/university credentials. At the high school level stick with only "regionally" accredited schools.Penn Foster High School (after which "Penn Ford" is obviously confusingly similarly named) is "regionally" accredited.Penn Ford, on the other hand, is a classic, textbook example of a diploma mill. Its high school diploma isn't worth the paper on which it's written. Avoid it like the plague!

no. Rhyming means that the ending sound is the same and since school and boot don't end the same, they don't rhyme

the Owen Sound Attack did the following: an Adopt-a-school program( they choose a school and put a positive influence on the students), they donated tons of money to charities, and they gave out 3000 boxes of Kraft Dinner to schools.

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