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What are sharks scared of?

Humans auctally

Who are sharks scared of?

Sharks are afraid of other sharks, and sometimes humans if weaponed.

Are sharks scared of humans?

Yes. they are more afraid of us, that we are afraid of them.

Are sharks scared of dolphins or are dolphins scared of sharks?

shark are scared of dolphin.

How dangerous is a goblin shark?

sharks aren't that dangerous they attack humans if they are scared

Are sea turtles scared of sharks?

They aren't scared of sharks, sharks are actually friends with them.

Would you feel scared of sharks in Australia?

I would be scared of sharks anywhere

Are lemon sharks dangerous to humans?

No they aren't. I have even swam with lemon, reef and nurse sharks in the Bahamas. I was snorkeling and loads of sharks came and they don't do anything. Everybody was scared but I think that the sharks were even more scared! I actually love lemon sharks. P.S. They are tasty when slow cooked and put over a salad with boulagnse sauce. :)

Can dolphines kill sharks?

No, but sharks are scared of dolphines.

Do sharks get scared of dolphins?

no sharks are the deadly speasies

What is the weakness of the whales?

blood they are extremely scared of it unlike sharks. why they r scared cuz it attracts sharks

What are clownfish scared of?


Are orcas scared of sharks?

no because they actually eat sharks

Are humans in danger of sharks?

Humans are not in danger of sharks, because when you see a shark you would usually get scared and splash about, but a shark only will bite you if you start splashing about because they think you are trying to attack them or something. So try and not splash about when you see a shark.

Are sharks as scared of us as you are of them?


Are angel sharks dangerous to humans?

angel sharks are not dangerous to humans.

Can dolphins get attack by sharks?

no.sharks are actually scared of dolphins.dolphins are smart quick witted animals.the second smartest animals in the WORLD (first is humans)when sharks approach,sharks hit them with their very sharp beak.and they swim away.hope this helped! :)

What animal is Justin bieber scared of and why?

Sharks, he gets scared being in the ocean. Nobody knows why. I mean everybody is afraid of sharks.

Are sharks confused about humans?


How do sharks help humans?

Because sometimes humans help sharks. So the sharks help them sometimes.

Is there concern for sharks?

there is a lot of concern over sharks as there seems to be more sharks killed by humans than humans killed by sharks.

Are sharks afraid of people?

Yes, but you may think, why would sharks eat us then? Well, sharks eat humans to protect themselves from any harm. Sharks are being killed by humans more than humans are being killed by sharks. Sharks ARE afraid of humans.

What are fish scared of?

They are scared of humans.

What are mongoose scared of?

They are scared of humans

Are dolphins scared of sharks?

yes they are sharks eat them and kill them and dolhpins die for that