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Q: Are there still city-states in Greece today?
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What made Athens the center of Ancient Greece?

It was one of the strongest and most well organized cities. It had a strong government. Also, it was one of the richest citystates in Greece

What tradition are still used today from ancient Greece?

the Olympics are of course still used today and held every four. In ancient Greece they were held to honor Zeus.

What countries still use capitalism today?

country's that still use capitalism today are Italy Spain and Greece.

What did the ancient Greece invent that you still use today?

The Greece Pencil... for marking, drawing and labeling.

Do people still live in Greece?

Yes, people still live in Greece. The Greece population, as of July 2008, is 10,722,816. Greece, although a city a long time ago, is still a hustling and bustling city today.

Does Olympia still exist?

Olympia, Greece does not exist today.

How do the ancient Greece Olympics still influence today?

The Olympics. :)

What city is still a major city in Greece today?


Is Athens still a major city in Greece today?


What did the people of ancient Greece think of Plato?

They found him to be a great philosopher, and this can be seen as we still read about his work, his math skills, and what he did for Greece still today.

What was the Ancient Greece method types of food Ancient Greece ate?

Spartains ate this discusting mix of pork blood vinigar and salt. Other citystates ate cheese, wine, grapes, and bread.

Did the Romans make a number system which we still use today?

NO the ancient greece did

Which city-state is a still a major city in Greece today?


Is Athens still democracy today?

Athens is a part of the Republic of Greece today, a form of democracy, and was in the 500s B.C.E. a direct democracy, a different form of democracy. However, Greece is not "still" a democracy since it has laid host to a number of different authoritarian regimes over the centuries.

What is Greece called today?

What is Ancient Greece called today

Why are Greeks still alive?

Because the country of Greece still exists today.

Who were the ancient Athenians?

The ancient Athenians were a group of people that lived in ancient Greece and still do today.

Is ancient Macedonia still here today?

Yes. It is now a province in the Hellenic Republic (Greece)

Is there any lasting contribution still seen today in Greece?

The architecture and devious financial manoeuvring.

Were temples of the god hades common in Greece?

There was a temple built for Hades and his wife Persephone in Greece. It is called the Necromanteion. The ruins of it can still be seen today.

How has Greece impacted society?

they have made medicines & ways to cure people thet we still use today.

What famous structures buildings are still there today?

if your looking for in Greece. there is: Delphi Acropolis Olympia and many more

Is anyone in Greece still practicing their ancient religion today?


What were the ancient traditions of the Olympic Games that are still used today?

the opening ceremony is still a grand start to the olympics that was started in ancient greece

How was Northern Italy different from Southern Italy at the beginning of the Renaissance?

Southern Italy was more similar to northern Europe Northern Italy had formed citystates, and southern Italy had not. Southern Italy still had feudalism, while northern Italy did not. Northern Italy had formed citystates, and southern Italy had not.