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There are many Travel Insurance plans for seniors, many of which offer reduced rates and special coverage. You can view and compare different plans here:

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Q: Are there travel insurance plans for seniors?
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Which companies offer international travel insurance for seniors?

Seniors can contact International Travel Insurance to inquire about travel insurance. It is also recommended for seniors to contact their own medical insurance companies to see what is available.

Where can one find travel insurance suitable for seniors?

There are many places where one can find travel insurance suitable for seniors. One can find travel insurance suitable for seniors by exploring popular travel insurance companies such as Rick Steves, Allianz Travel Insurance, and American Express Travel Insurance.

What are some cheap travel insurance plans available to seniors?

The price of travel insurance depends on the price of your trip and what coverage you want. Here is one place that specializes in insurance for senior citizens:

Is there cheap travel insurance for seniors?

Travel insurance is extremely important for when the unexpected occurs. While there isn't any travel insurance specifically for seniors many companies offer senior discounts.

Where can I find discount travel insurance for seniors?

At this website you can get discount travel insurance for seniors plus you can compare all the prices of the other places at this website too.

Where can one apply for pensioners travel insurance?

InsureMyTrip, SquareMouth, and WorldTravelCenter are all wonderful websites for helping research coverage and costs of various Pensioners Travel Insurance plans. It should also be noted that this type of insurance is also known as "Seniors Travel Insurance".

Where can one find travel insurance for people over 70?

The majority of travel insurance providers offer plans for seniors. Those who specialize in insurance for those over 70 years of age include Visitors, Medibank and Allclear.

Does an insurance company have travel insurance especially for seniors?

Yes there are, there are probably dozens of different travel insurances for seniors. A place you can look for them is

What are some travel insurance options available to me in the UK?

As with seniors in any country, there are options for seniors to purchase travel insurance. As a rule it is more difficult to get travel insurance as a senior, so these insurance companies are a blessing. Here are a few sites:

How can someone compare budget travel insurance plans?

You can compare budget travel insurance plans by looking at their rates and how much they charge with other insurance plans. I hope you found what you were looking for.

Where can I obtain general information on Insurance, including seniors travel insurance?

Looking to get senior travel insurance? There are quite a few options out there for seniors who love travel. Travel insurance is one of the most important things to think about (and have) before you set off on your trip. Seniors are more likely to encounter some sort of problem abroad and thus require special insurance to provide the coverage they need

Who can purchase AARP travel insurance?

AARP travel insurance can be purchased by seniors in America. AARP also includes home insurance, health insurance, homeowners insurance, and other services.

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