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Are there wolves living in skead Ontario?

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When was James Skead born?

James Skead was born in 1817.

When did James Skead die?

James Skead died in 1884.

Are wolves in Ontario?

I do believe they live wild in Ontario. Many wolves seem to thrive in Canada, whereas in the USA, there are very few wild wolves left.

What has the author Thomas Skead written?

Thomas Skead has written: 'Zen is development' -- subject(s): Zen Buddhism ; psychotherapy, natural ethics, scientific method, koan, meditation

Do wolves live in southern Ontario?

yes they do in atlaska and greenland and

What types of carnivores live in Ontario?

cougars, coyotes, bears, wolves,

How does wolves living in a group help them survive?

Living in groups , wolves can help each other kill prey such as moose.

Why do ranchers hate wolves?

Ranchers hate wolves because wolves eat their cattle and livestock(which they need to make a living)

What are the release dates for Living with Wolves - 2005 TV?

Living with Wolves - 2005 TV was released on: USA: 8 May 2005

What carnivores are in southwestern Ontario?

we have wolves, snakes, coyotes, wolverines. mostly small animals such as these.

How are wolves different from other wolves?

Wolves are kind of like people. They will look like their parents, and every living thing has DNA.

How do people in Ontario make a living?

By working.

Are wolves still living in the US?

Absolutely! There are about 15 to 20 packs of grey wolves around where I live.

Who is a dog's living ancestor?

Dogs are closely related to the wolves. In fact, they are the same species.

How many Arctic wolves live today?

Approximately 200 wild Arctic wolves are living today.

How is thunder bay Ontario for living?

Thunder bay ontario is the best city in the world to live in!!!!

What is a living thing that eats meat?

Humans, wolves.

What do red wolves do for a living?

They hunt and roam their territory.

Where are wolves living now?

Wolves are close to extinction, so they mainly live in northern united states and canada. the word "living" does not have an "e". (answered by an 11-year-old)

Do dung beetles live in Ontario?

It is not likely that dung beetles can be found living in Ontario. This is because they like warm and humid climates and Ontario is cold.

Why are wolves such a controversy in Yellowstone Park?

Because the wolves where actually imported, and people living near Yellowstone often claim the wolves are pestering lifestock, pets, and kids.

What is the majority language in Ontario?

English is spoken by nearly 70% of all people living in Ontario. Roughly 4% of people living in Ontario have a native French mother-tongue.Other languages spoken in Ontario are:ArabicGermanDutchItalianHindiSpanishChinesePunjabi

What actors and actresses appeared in Living with Wolves - 2005?

The cast of Living with Wolves - 2005 includes: Jamie Dutcher as herself Jim Dutcher as himself Liev Schreiber as Narrator

Do wolves have gums?

Yes, wolves do have gums, if you mean 'gums' in the mouth area. Almost all living creatures have gums.

What predators do the red wolves have?

Red wolves, or any other type of wolves, have no natural predators. The only other living thing that poses a threatto them is humans, and possibly bears, but both do not hunt wolves to eat.