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It really depends on the movesets and stats. But basically it's a good team as it has moves of all types.

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Rate my team Gallade Charizard Garchomp Dragonite Salamence Tortera Pidgeot and sometimes Staraptor Rhyperior Electivire Blastoise and Lucario?

It actually counts when you list their stats and moves and levels, but so far good team.

What level does salamence learn crunch?

sometimes level fifty three if not level sixty one. also salamence learns fly when you level him up to level fifty so basically salamence learns fly when you evolve a shelgon level 50

How do you make Electabuzz to evolve?

To get electivire, you have to evolve electabuzz. To do this, you have to give it an Electrizer (Wile Elekid sometimes hold it) and trade it. This will trigger it into evolving

Where to catch Dragonite in Pokemon Gold?

You cannot catch a dragonite in gold you have to just train a dragonair or dratini. Theyre usually in the dragons den . u can catch them with good rod or most likely super rod. sometimes w/ super rod u'll get dragonair. good luck!

How do you get electavive in Pokemon diamond?

Electivire (sometimes wrongly spelled as Electavive) is the evolved form of Electrabuzz. To get one in Pokémon Diamond Pearl and Platinum you have to trade Electrabuzz while it holds a special item.

At what level does dratini evolve?

Well sometimes it depends on what Pokemon game you are playing but in the new Pokemon games dratini evolves at level 33 into dragonair and then at level 55 it evolves into dragonite.

What are the genders of Pokemon belonging to the Pokemon trainer in super smash brothers brawl?

That's actually a good question, I believe Ivysaur is definetely a boy, Squirtle is a boy as well but Charizard im not a 100% sure because it can be a boy but when you win a brawl sometimes charizard sounds kinda like a girl but im guessing its a boy.

Is the Pokemon card Charizard rare?

Sometimes it is. some people think its rare when it's maybe sparkly or has alot of HP. But somtimes it's just normal like other Pokemon cards.

In Pokemon diamond how do you get a black Charizard?

Black Charizard is just a shiny charizard so you would have to get a shiny Charmander by cheating or you can put leaf green in the back and send your Charmander to Diamond and erase your file and do it again. Sometimes when you send Pokemon from Game Boy to Diamond then it will turn out shiny. A way to get a shiny charelemander in FR/LG is to restart the entire FR/LG game over and save in front of the pokeballs. take the Pokemon and check it's picture in the Pokemon menu. if it is shiny, save and transfer to Diamond. if not soft reset and try again. Only other way is to get charmander egges form ditto & charizard in daycare. Hatch by traveling cycling road. Both methods have same chance of getting a shiny (1 in about 8000)

What is the most expensive pokemon card on earth?

Despite popular belief, Ancient Mew is not expensive at all. I managed to get my hands on about seven, each completely genuine and only £2 each. First edition Charizard ex is probably the most expensive card. People have seen them go for over £200 sometimes!

How do you get dragon in Pokemon HeartGold?

Do you mean dragon TYPES? Anyway, you can get horsea evolve it into Seadra, then if you have a Dragon Scale(wild Dratinis sometimes have them)give it to Seadra trade it with your Platinum,Pearl,or diamond game and back.Also Dratini, get it after you answer questions and after Clair gives you a tm go back ad the guy will give you a Dratini with extremespeed. You can evolve it into dragonair then dragonite

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What do the four people do in blackthorn city heart gold?

Just ask them. Talk to each person. One is the classic move deleter, who will make your Pokemon forget a move for free, including HM. The next one along is the move rememberer; for one heart scale (find them randomly, or trade for 1000 Pokethlon points) who lets your Pokemon remember a move they would learn by leveling up. Sometimes Pokemon can learn moves they can't usually get, for example my Ampharos learned Fire Punch in this way. The old woman teaches the ultimate Dragon attack for free, presumably to Dragonite, Salamence, Flygon etc. And finally is my favorite... He teaches the ultimate Grass, Fire or Water move (Frenzy Plant, Blast Burn and Hydro Cannon respectively) to your starter Pokemon. This includes starters from previous games, too. Hope this helps!

How do you get Electivire in Pokemon diamond?

The only way to get Electivire is either trading it from another game or catching it in the Valley Windworks when you have FireRed in your GBA slot. You ust trade with fire red or leafgreen for an elekid or an electabuzz.If you get him as an elekid I recommend you evolve him to an electabuzz then trade him back.Nothing will at have happened yet,trade electabuzz back to your Pokemon diamond version and he will evolve.It's easier if you just trade an electabuzz instead cuz he will have evolved faster. I heard you have to trade an Electabuzz that is holding an Electrizer. I think wild Elekids sometimes have these items when you catch them. You have to have Pokemon FireRed in the GBA slot in your Nintendo DS to be able to catch a wild Elekid on Rt. 205. Or heres another easier way. But you have to have Platinum. First catch an Electabuzz near Sunyshore City then get the ELectrizer.

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What Pokemon would fill this team salamence ampharos Blaziken Tyranitar frealigatr?

Well I would recommend a grass type or a poison type, sometimes even a normal type :D I like using legendaries but i also love Pokemon with status-altering moves such as toxic. You could get a ghost type too or even a psychic type. You may ignore my opinion if you think it is lame I totally understand >< Good luck Jia you!

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