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IF they did not break into the garage(ie; someone let them in)

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Q: Are they allowed to repossess a car from a closed garage in an apartment building in California?
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Is it legal to go onto private property to repossess a car?

No, they are allowed to come and take it away.

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The Role of a Building Inspector?

A building inspector is a government agent who is required to make sure that all apartment buildings meet the legal safety requirements for the city. The building inspector makes regular inspections of all of the apartment buildings in the city to check for violations and recommend changes.Your Safety is ImportantThe main reason that the city hires and sends out building inspectors is so that renters can feel confident that they live in safe buildings. When an apartment building is allowed to deteriorate it can become a health hazard for the people living in the building as well as for people who live near the building. The building inspector is responsible for making sure that every person who pays rent for an apartment is receiving the legally mandated quality of living conditions that they are supposed to receive. Building inspectors also make sure that tenants are following the law, which protects the building owner as well. If you feel that the building you live in is unhealthy in any way, you can contact a local building inspector and request an inspection.Building Owner’s Legal ResponsibilitiesThere are several things that a building owner must provide to tenants. Buildings are required to be free from mold or other substances that can cause respiratory distress. They have to meet federally mandated accessibility requirements, such as offering ramps for wheelchairs or elevators for people who have mobility issues. Apartment buildings have to maintain a certain level of cleanliness so that their residents will not become ill from living there. Water and electricity should also be available to each tenant of the apartment building if the tenant has paid the bills in good faith.What Happens if Something is WrongIn most cases when a building inspector finds a problem with an apartment building the owner is warned about the problem and given a specific amount of time to fix it. If the problem remains unchanged after the time limit expires, the owner will be charged a fee by the city. If several problems are found and they are severe enough, the city may determine that the building is unlivable and close it completely.

Why are complex apartment owners allowed to rent to illegal aliens before us citizens?

Legally, they're not allowed. Call the ICE or cops, see what they can do.

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The legal limit is usually three people in one bedroom apartment. Those three people can be adults and the landlord is allowed to specify how many people per apartment.

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