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Many states are considering legislation to raise the driving age, especially since there are statistics showing that a disproportionate amount of automobile fatalities and other accidents are caused by drivers under the age of 24. While states are not necessarily considering a driving age of 24, they certainly do have justification for raising the driving age to 17 or 18. At the same time, however, many opponents of this idea say that such accidents are caused by inexperience, rather than age.

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Q: Are they going to ever change the driving age?
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Is the UK driving age going to be raised?

There have always been rumours of the age being raised however there are no confirmed plans to change it.

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It depends only on what the president and governor say.

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No change.

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it mostly has in states like California where limitations are placed on a persons driving until 18. i think it is a good thing. As well as the driving age should be though 17. Well In New Zealand, the driving age is 15. The govurnment is going to change it to 18 or 20 at the end of the year.

When does the UK driving age change?

The UK driving age has not changed for many years. Although there always various rumours, there are no confirmed plans to change it from 17.

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yes it is but its going to be raised to the age of 83 befor you can drive

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I'm not entirely sure, but what I've heard is that a bill has passed through the state legislation that would change the driving age from 16 to 18 by January of next year.

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Florida's driving age has not been moved to 18, it has been planning to move to 17 in the next 5 years

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i think its 17 or 18. but im going with 17.

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The driving age has NOT been officially changed yet. Hopefully they don't because that would cause soo many problems

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i hope they arnt going to change it for people born in 94.. cause most of us are waiting till we can drive to get jobs.. and also im tired of people having to take me places i want to be able to drive and get out.. lol... we are so closee to driving and if they change it, i will be sooo mad. ):

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