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No, I do not believe any second season has been scheduled.

-If you watched the anime, check out the manga. The anime is only half of the manga and there is no cliff hanger in the manga.

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Are they going to make anymore elfen lied episodes?

There's just the OAV ; see related link .

What was the purpose of making Elfen Lied?

Elfen Lied was a manga about a Diclonius girl Lucy who was rejected by humans. She being in so much pain wrecks havoc and murders. In Wikipedia it says the themes are: " Elfen Lied involves themes of social alienation, identity, prejudice, revenge, abuse,jealousy, regret and the value of humanity." To me it was how we treat people because Lucy didn't want to be a cold blooded killer, but people made her. Its how we always try to separate ourselves and make us be better than everyone else.

Are they going to make more episode for the final act or make a new series?

i think that the series is over but i think that they are going to make the final act in English hopefully with the same actors from the first series

How many series are they going to make of supernatural?

The number of seasons or series they are going to make of the show Supernatural is not yet known. The series was renewed for its ninth season which will premiere in October of 2013.

Are they going to make a movie out of the Seekers Series?

No. They said they has no plans to make a movie, game etc. for the warriors series or Seekers series.

Are they going to make a TV series of the Pretty Little Liars series?

no, im pretty sure that they are going to make movies out of them in a few yrs.yes they did make a series its on tv right now tuesdays at 7 on abcfamily

Is Dragon Ball AF a new series?

Dragon Ball AF isn't an actual series. They just lied so they can make a fan-made series unless it comes in 2012. So far, its just a fanatic series(we all wish it was a real series).

How can you make a friend happy after you had lied?

You really can't. Just realize that the friendship will not be the same. You have lied and this is very hard for many to accept especially from a friend. You are going to have to accept what you did and how your friend reacts to this. That is all about you can really do.

Is there going to be another sancuary series?

no i do not think so i wish they would make series 4

Is the iron fey series going to be made into movies?

The iron series are very interesting and amazing. However, the books are not going to be make into movies.

How many Pokemon series are they going to make?

i think five

Are they going to make a new series of Zack and Cody?


Will Dragon Ball heroes be a show?

No, it is not going to be a show, it's going to be a card game. I hope they are going to make it into a series.

Are they going to make a movie for the second Percy Jackson series?


Is there going to be go gos crazy bones series 10?

if they make them still

What do you do when your girlfriend has lied to you?

Tell her to go make you a sammich.

What did Abraham Lincoln do to make history?

He never lied

Are they going to make a movie out of the Pretty Little Liars series?

no but there makeing a tv series based on the books its on abc family and much

Is chistopher paolini going to start another series like Eragon?

He is going to continue writing. He will most likely not make another series even vaguely resembling Eragon, however.

Are they going to make a movie out of the Maximum Ride series?

Yes, they will make a movie. It's expected release is in 2013.

Is Rick Riordan going to make another type of series?

yes. it will be about other demigods.

Are they still going to make a second Series of Unfortunate Events movie as of February 2009?


Are they going to make a movie for the Series of Warriors?

No. No movie is being made or has been announced.

Are they going to make a shreck 4?

no.but they are making a puss in boots movie series.

Are they going to make another warrior series after the last hope?

Yes. Dawn Of The Clans