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No, they are not. They are orange with black stripes NOT black with orange/yellow stripes.

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Are tigers black with orange stripes or orange with black stripes?

Most tigers are orange with black stripes and lighter or white areas, especially on the undersides. Albinos (white tigers) are white furred with black stripes.

How do tigers looks?

Most Tigers have orange and black stripes unless they are white and black. Most Tigers have orange and black stripes unless they are white and black.

What colors are tigers - orange and black or black and orange?

Tigers are orange-furred with lighter (white) areas and black stripes. Albinos (white tigers) are white with black stripes.

What colors are tigers?

orange with black stripes.Tigers can be orange or white with black stripes; no two tiger's stripes are alike like a fingerprint.

Why are tigers orange with black stripes?

Because that is the way tigers were created. Bengal tigers have stripes to help them blend into their environment, when hunting and to hide from humans. Not all tigers are orange with black stripes, there are also white tigers with black stripes

What coulers can tigers be?

White with black stripes or orange with black stripes.

Do tigers have striped fur usually orange stripes on black?

False they are black stripes and orange.

What is a tiger appearance?

orange and black stripes. Not all tigers are orange with black stripes. Some tigers are white all over with black or a really dark brown stripes.

How do Tigers look like?

Tigers are usually quite big, and orange with black stripes. There is this breed of tiger that is white with black stripes.

How are tigers recognised?

tigers are recognised by their orange fur and black stripes and the black patterns on their face.

What colors are Asia tigers?

Normally tiger consist of the colors orange,white,or black with black stripes (black one has white stripes). But asian tigers are normally orange and black! :) -wolf-gal10

What color is a tigers coat and why?

it is orange and black stripes why?????? for camouflage

What color tigers are there?

Tigers can be a range of colours from orange and black stripes to completely white.

Do tigers blend in with trees?

Obviously, as both tigers and trees are orange with black stripes.

What is the color of a royal Bengal tiger?

Bengal tigers can be white with black stripes and they can also be orange with black stripes.

Why do tigers have purple and orange and black and green and yellow stripes?

there not purple orange black green and yellow striped they are only black and orange

Do tigers have fur?

Yes. It is orange or white with black or brown stripes.

What tigers looks like?

It is orange with black stripes all over it !

Why aren't white tigers orange?

Because white tigers are a genetic 'mutation' from the 'normal' colour pattern of orange and black stripes.

What does a tiger looks like-?

Common tiger are orange in color with black stripes. There are some tigers that are white with black or grey stripes.

What is the color of a tigers fur?

A tigers fur is normally orange with black stripes going around its body

Is a Bengal tiger the same thing as a white tiger?

A white tiger is a variation of the Bengal tiger that is white with black stripes instead of orange with black stripes. All white tigers are Bengal tigers, but not all Bengal tigers are white tigers.

What is the coloration of a Bengal tiger?

Bengal tiger is obviously orange with black stripes,there are white tigers, completely white tigers which actually do not have stripes, there is also black tiger and extremely rare blue tiger.

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