How do tigers looks?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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Most Tigers have orange and black stripes unless they are white and black. Most Tigers have orange and black stripes unless they are white and black.

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Some tigers are white but most of the tigers are orange and black.

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Q: How do tigers looks?
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What are the names of the kittens that looks like tigers?

Tabby Cats are stripped similar to tigers.

Is there anything else about a tigers looks that make them unique?

tigers differ in their stripes, facial in particular

The tigers environment looks like what?

A tiger's environment comes in different habitats. Hot rainforests and grasslands for Bengal tigers and boreal forests for Siberian or Amur tigers. All tigers live in Asia.

What does the Detroit Tigers world series ring look like?

it looks round

Are tigers harmful to humans?

Yes, tigers will prey on humans just like they will on any animal. It is rare that tigers or any big cat looks at us as prey, but it does happen. Tigers have killed more people than any other big cat.

What does tigers home looks like?

The tiger's home or habitat looks like a jungle with lots of majorities of green trees as well as other animals.

Which looks cooler lion or tiger?

That would be up to you. It depends on your opinion. In my opinion a tigers cooler.

What are the animals in Tristan da cuha?

lions and tigers light Winnie the poobecause he looks good

How does a tiger looks like?

They are 2 metres long. They are orange and have black stripes. Tigers have a white face and belly.

What divisions did the Detroit Tigers play in?

east and central they still haven't won a central title before but 2011 looks to be promising

What color is really tigers?

Tigers are a shade of orange called "brick orange," that looks like rust. They have black stripes and white markings on their face, legs and belly. This mix of colors helps the animal hide in tall grasses.

How does the tiger use the camouflage?

Tigers have black and orange stripes so when they are lurking in the grass, the black looks like grass. When they stalk their prey, the black is almost indiscernible.