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Are tigons endangered?


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yes not many are still alive they are severely endangered


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Tigons and ligers are not naturally occurring animals, but are hybrids bred in captivity. Non-natural species are not classified with an endangered status.

Cougars, lynx, panthers, ligers, tigons, ocelots, and jaguars. I am not completely sure that these are all of them but they are a lot of them.

Tigons are better for now

tigon doesn;t have a scientific name

Yes, they produce Ligers or Tigons

Yes tiger (male) mixed with a lion (female)

Not necessarily. PROOF: Ligers and tigons DO exist. Yes, ligers and tigons exist but were bred only in captivity. They do not exist in the wild,

A liger. This is the largest feline. Tigons tend to be dwarfs.

it consists of birds (certain types) pigs cattle and antelope

Ligers and Tigons are born through the accidental mating of a lion and a tiger.

Yes..If the father is a lion, the cubs are ligers..If he is a tiger, they are tigons..

tigons are much smaller than ligers, normally weighing at 160 to 180 kgs, but weights of 800 pounds in tigons have been recorded. ligers wiegh 400 to 600kgs, largest one was 800 kgs.

Ligers grow bigger than tigons and would most likely be stronger

there is two cross breds between lions and tigers. they're ligers and tigons.

Ligers or some people call then tigons but it's most commonly used as ligers.

Moose are not an endangered species

Fish that are not yet endangered, are not endangered.

these are just the ones in Illinios. = Threatened and endangered Illinois wetland species = There are roughly 198 threatened and endangered species in Illinois that depend on wetlands during some portion of their life cycle. The symbols E and T indicate whether the species is endangered or threatened in the state. There are 5 threatened or endangered wetland amphibians in Illinois. * Silvery salamander--Endangered * Hellbender--Endangered * Dusky salamander--Endangered * Four-toed salamander--Threatened * Illinois chorus frog--Threatened There are 30 threatened or endangered wetland bird species in Illinois. * Short-eared owl--Endangered * American bittern--Endangered * Red-shouldered hawk--Endangered * Great egret--Threatened * Veery--Threatened * Brown creeper--Threatened * Piping plover--Endangered * Black tern--Endangered * Northern harrier--Endangered * Yellow rail--Endangered * Little blue heron--Endangered * Snowy egret--Endangered * Common moorhen--Threatened * Sandhill crane--Endangered * Bald eagle--Endangered * Mississippi kite--Endangered * Least bittern--Endangered * Black rail--Endangered * Black-crowned night heron--Endangered * Yellow-crowned night heron--Threatened * Osprey--Endangered * Double-crested cormorant--Threatened * Wilson's phalarope--Endangered * Pied-billed grebe--Threatened * King rail--Threatened * Least tern--Endangered * Forster's tern--Endangered * Common tern--Endangered * Bewick's Wren--Endangered * Yellow-headed blackbird--Endangered There are 8 threatened or endangered wetland mammals in Illinois. * Indiana Bat--Endangered * Southeastern myotis--Endangered * Gray Bat--Endangered * Rafinesques's big-eared bat--Endangered * Rice rat--Threatened * Golden mouse--Threatened * River otter--Endangered * Bobcat--Threatened There are 3 endangered or threatened wetland invertebrate in Illinois. * Swamp metalmark--Endangered * Elfin skimmer dragonfly--Threatened * Hine's emerald dragonfly--Endangered There are 4 threatened or endangered wetland fish in Illinois. * Least brook lamprey--Threatened * Spotted sunfish--Threatened * Bantam sunfish--Threatened * Taillight shiner--Endangered There are 138 threatened or endangered wetland plants in Illinois. * Speckled adler--Endangered * Shadbush--Endangered * Virginia snakeroot--Threatened * Forked aster--Threatened * American slough grass--Endangered * Screwstem--Endangered * Yellow birch--Endangered * Decurrent false aster--Threatened * Water arum--Endangered * Grass pink orchid--Endangered * Cuckoo flower--Endangered * Winged sedge--Endangered * Arkansana--sedge--Endangered * Golden sedge--Endangered * Brownish sedge--Endangered * Cordroot sedge--Endangered * Carex canescens--Sedge--Endangered * Crawe's sedge--Threatened * Carex crawfordii--Sedge--Endangered * Carex cryptolepis--sedge--Endangered * Shortleaf sedge--Endangered * Cypress-knee sedge--Endangered * Swollen sedge--Endangered * Large sedge--Endangered * Sharp-scaled sedge--Endangered * Few-seeded sedge--Endangered * Reniform sedge--Endangered * Drooping sedge--Endangered * Beaked sedge--Endangered * Three-seeded sedge--Endangered * Tuckerman's sedge--Endangered * Little green sedge--Endangered * Leatherleaf--Threatened * False bugbane--Endangered * Blue jasmine--Endangered * Leatherflower--Endangered * Hemlock parsley--Endangered * Bunchberry--Endangered * Finger dog-shade--Endangered * Small yellow lady's slipper--Endangered * Moccasin flower, Pink lady's slipper--Endangered * White lady's slipper--Endangered * Showy lady's slipper--Endangered * Narrow-leaved sundew--Threatened * Round-leaved sundew--Endangered * Log fern--Endangered * Small burhead--Endangered * Few flowered spikerush--Endangered * Beaked spikerush--Threatened * Downy willow herb--Threatened * Rusty cotton grass--Endangered * Tall cotton grass--Endangered * Thoroughwort--Endangered * Queen-of-the-prairie--Threatened * Baldwin's fimbristylis--Endangered * Vahl's fimbristylis--Endangered * Bog bedstraw--Threatened * Wintergreen--Endangered * Arkansas manna-grass--Endangered * Northern manna-grass--Endangered * Narrow-leaved sunflower--Threatened * Tall sunflower--Endangered * Mud plantain--Endangered * Water-pennywort--Endangered * One-flowered hydrolea--Endangered * Shore St. John's wort--Endangered * Quillwort--Endangered * Richardson's rush--Endangered * Vasey's rush--Endangered * Water willow--Endangered * Tamarack--Threatened * Salt meadow grass--Endangered * Bog clubmoss--Endangered * Loosestrife--Endangered * Creeping loosestrife--Endangered * Squirting cucumber--Endangered * Yellow monkey flower--Endangered * Panicum joorii--Panic grass--Endangered * Tall flat panic grass--Endangered * Panicum yadkinense--Panic grass--Endangered * Bead grass--Endangered * Water elm--Endangered * Wood orchid--Endangered * Platanthera flava--Tubercled orchid--Endangered * Platanthera flava herbiola--Tubercled orchid--Endangered * Pairie white fringed orchid--Endangered * Autumn bluegrass--Endangered * Snake-mouth--Endangered * Downy Solomon's seal--Threatened * Halbred-leaved tearthumb--Endangered * Bird's-eye primrose--Endangered * Pole manna-grass--Endangered * Alder buckthorn--Endangered * Grass beaked rush--Endangered * Clustered beaked rush--Endangered * Northern gooseberry--Endangered * Hairy marsh yellow cress--Endangered * Dwarf Raspberry--Threatened * Bristly blackberry--Endangered * Arrowhead--Endangered * Autumn willow--Endangered * Red-berried elder--Threatened * American burnet--Endangered * Pitcher plant--Endangered * Arrow-grass--Endangered * Tufted bulrush--Endangered * Scripus hattorianus--Bulrush--Endangered * Alkali bulrush--Endangered * Scirpus polyphyllus--Bulrush--Threatened * Weak bulrush--Endangered * Smith's bulrush--Endangered * American mountain ash--Endangered * American burreed--Endangered * Green-fruited burreed--Endangered * Hooded ladies' tresses--Endangered * Patterson bindweed--Threatened * Storax--Threatened * Sullivantia--Threatened * Powdery thalia--Endangered * Thismia--Endangered * Arbor vitae--Threatened * False asphodel--Threatened * Star-flower--Threatened * Common bog arrowgrass--Endangered * Slender bog arrowgrass--Endangered * Horned bladderwort--Endangered * Flat-leaved bladderwort--Endangered * Small bladderwort--Endangered * Highbush blueberry--Endangered * Large cranberry--Endangered * Small cranberry--Endangered * Marsh valerian--Endangered * American brooklime--Endangered * Marsh speedwell--Threatened * Hairy white violet--Endangered * Primrose violet--Endangered * White camass--Endangered There are 10 threatened or endangered wetland reptiles in Illinois. * Spotted turtle--Endangered * Kirtland's snake--Threatened * Illinois mud turtle--Endangered * Alligator snapping turtle--Threatened * Green water snake--Threatened * Broad-banded water snake--Endangered * River cooter--Endangered * Eastern massasauga--Endangered * Eastern ribbon snake--Endangered · Blanding turtle--Threatened

The Gavial is endangered because people kill it for its skin.The False Gavial is i think criticlly endangered if its not criticlly endangered then its endangered.

are mice endangered are mice endangered

no , the fossa are not endangered . Although they are becoming endangered.

The emperor penguin is not endangered.

they are endangered by constructionthey are endangered by getting food

There are many different species that are endangered in Florida. 8 species of ammphibians endangered 1 species of arachnids endangered 23 species of birds endangered 11 species of clams endangered 8 species of coralsm jellyfish and sea anemones endangered 25 species of crustaceans endangered 33 species of fishes endangered 18 species of insects endangered 15 species of mammals endangered 53 species of plants endangered 9 species of reptiles endangered 13 species of snails endangered

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