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Yes. Titanium is a metal that does not cause Allergies. Gold and Platinum also do not cause allergies. However, Titanium is stronger and less expensive. So you can use all the Titanium you wish.

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Why is titanium good for hip joints?

Titanium is a very strong metal, as strong as steel but it is 45% lighter which means it is very practical for the patient. Also titanium is very non-reactive which means that the normal body fluids wouldn't attack it. On top of that, titanium can take a lot of wear and tear before it finally gets ruined or corrodes which means it is a perfect replacement for a joint, especially a hip joint.

Are doctors still using titanium for knee and hip replacements?

Yes, the majority of them have some in. Typical a Titanium-vanadium alloy

Do hip hop artistise wear pearl necklaces in 2009?

We have many new styles of pearl necklace, you could log on our company website http://www.hotpenpromotion.com if you like http://www.hotpenpromotion.com

Titanium is used to make hip joints because it is unreactive true or false?

This is true, however it is not the only reason titanium is used for hip joints. It is also very strong and significantly lighter than steel.

Why is titanium more suitable in replacements hip joints?

Titaninum is as strong and steel but 45% lighter, making it better for hip replacements.

How was titanium used?

Titanium is used in golf club shafts, hip or knee prostheses because it is a nontoxic durable metallic element found in the earth.

In what ways is Titanium used?

hip replacements, aeroplanes, glasses, very hard stuff

What does people in South America wear?

If you're looking at the indigenous tribes of South America then the women wear grass skirts and sometimes a necklaces shirt. In tribes that are close to civilization the men wear pants or undies, but in less civilised tribes the men wear a string around their hip to tie their foreskin with so that they will not be hindered when they run or hunt.

How can you get cooler?

Wear hip sunglasses

Is Titanium used for medical purposes If so what are they?

used for implants such as hip joints also surgical equipment

How safe is hip replacement surgery?

Should be pretty safe because they do them alot.

What should you wear to a hip hop class?

Wear comfy clothing (sweats and a tshirt or tank top) and CLEAN sneakers or hip hop shoes or jazz shoes

Is it safe to listen to hip hop?

Ehm yess, Why wouldn't it be? (:

How successful are hip replacement operations using only titanium?

There are very few implants made of pure titanium (a few cups are). It is softer than the usual TiAlV (Titanium-Vanadium alloy), which I believe you are actually asking about.On the whole Titanium 'implants' are just assuccessfulas implants made from other materials, and it is the material of choice for cementless implants.

What metal is used for hip replacements?

Usually a tantalum (Ta) or titanium (Ti) coating is used on a stronger metal like steel

What is your hip cir if you wear a size 10 jean?

Jeans can come in a variety of sizes. It is important to know what your hip circumference is, in case a brand of jeans use that sizing. If you wear size 10 jeans, your hip circumference is 39-40 inches.

What can I wear when I'm pregnant and still look hip?

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