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I would assume a YES!!. Try going to the doctor the next time you get them so they can test you. Then you will know for sure Its hard to say. The first outbreak of herpes can come with a fever, swollen glands, sore throat and pain at the site of the outreak. However, herpes RARELY affects the tongue. See a doctor and they can tell you for sure.

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Q: Are tongue blisters that are painful and followed with fever a form of herpes?
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What causes blisters on your tongue?

telling lies or herpes

What is wrong if you have painful bumps or blisters on your tongue throat and inside your nose?

It sounds as though it may be a type of Herpes. You should see a doctor. Not all forms of Herpes are sexually transmitted.

Why do I have a white blister on tip of my tongue and it is not painful?


What causes a white tongue with red painful sores?


Can a fever cause blisters on the top and bottom of your tongue?

That's probably herpes of the mouth. Ask your doctor about Valtrex after he examines you if it is.

Why do I have White blisters on tongue and flu like symptoms?

With the white blisters and flu like symptoms, it's common for that to be the herpes simplex virus. However, never diagnose yourself on the internet as it could be something else; see a doctor.

What are the small purple blisters under the tongue?

Purple blisters on the tongue or inside of your mouth are called blood blisters. These can be caused by biting the inside of your mouth or tongue.

Can you get herpes on your tongue?

It's possible but herpes doesn't often occur inside of the mouth. It likes to cause cold sores or fever blisters on or around the lips on the out side of the mouth.If you think it's herpes then see a doctor and have them check it out.Any area that has come in contact with the virus can have herpes.

What are blisters on the back of tongue?

i have blisters on the back of tongue along with a yellow patch in the middle of tongue. started nystatin mouthwash. any suggestions?

What are blisters under tongue and on edge of tongue from?


Bump on tongue growing?

herpes of the tongue

What causes blisters on your tongue and throat?

I am trying to find out besides Herpes it seems taking too many antibiotics or taking them for too long a time can cause this reaction.

What causes blood blisters on the tongue?

Blood blisters on the tongue can be caused by many different things. Some include trauma or injury to the area, biting your tongue, or an infection.

What would be the causes of tongue sores?

There are many different types of things that could cause you to have sores on your tongue. Some of them are canker sores, oral cancer, herpes, thrush, or a cold sore. Sometimes if you drink something hot to quick it can also give you blisters on your tongue.

What is the red blisters on the back of your tongue?

There are multiple factors that could cause a tongue to develop red blisters. Vitamin deficiencies, geographic tongue, scarlet fever and Kawasaki syndrome are among these factors.

How do you treat painful bumps on the tip of my tongue?

I have tiny red painful bumps on my tongue and very painful kanker sores in mouth.

What could a blister on your tongue be?


What should you do if you have Herpes on your tongue?


Is a hairy tongue a form of herpes?

Hairy tongue is not a form of herpes. It is a bacterial overgrowth which most often follows antibiotic treatment.

Can you get herpes from getting your tongue pierced?

Cold sores are a variant of the Herpes virus, however getting them from a professionally done tongue piercing, No.

What causes blisters on lips and tongue?

biting it constantly

What can you use to heal your tongue from blisters?

Fruit by the foot!

How do you know if your tongue was periced wrong?

It Would... Swell Up Be Painful Starts Bleeding Cuts Tongue Bits/Blisters On Your Tongue Darker Red Colour Surrounds The Piercing (Blood Might Stop Inside Your Tongue And Really Hurt) And Other Ways To Maybe ( ) (And How I Know This Is My Friends Big Sister Got It And They Told Them The Warnings)

What causes blood blisters on your tongue?

Usually, blood blisters on the tongue are caused by trauma. However, they can also be caused by vitamin deficiency, infection, allergic reaction, and autoimmune disease.

What does herpes taste like?

If you are that curious you just might end up with herpes on your tongue ;)