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There are both marine (salt water) and fresh water fish in the tropics.

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Q: Are tropical fish freshwater fish
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What is the difference between tropical fish and freshwater fish?

tropical fish can be freshwater fish..the term tropical refers to them being from tropical (typically warm) regions

Do tropical fish live in seawater?

There are millions of tropical fish in the tropical oceans. But they are all marine fish not freshwater fish. Freshwater tropicals can not live in saltwater.

An angelfish is the same of tropical fish?

I am not sure of the question but an Freshwater Angelfish is sold as a freshwater tropical fish.

Is a betta fish a freshwater fish?

Yes the Betta splendens is a tropical freshwater fish that comes from the tropical Jungles and paddy fields in Malaysia and Indonesia.

Are seahorses tropical?

Assuming you mean tropical fish as freshwater, then no. There are no specimens of seahorses that are tropical. There are, though, some freshwater pipefish.

Is a goldfish a seawater freshwater or tropical fish?

Goldfish are freshwater, not saltwater.

Is the discus fish a fresh or saltwater fish?

They are tropical freshwater fish. They can be kept in an indoor heated tropical aquarium.

Does a danio fish live in the oceans?

No. Danios are Tropical Freshwater fish.

Can goldfish and tropical starfish live together?

No. Goldfish are freshwater fish and tropical starfish are saltwater fish.

How do tropical fish live in the ocean?

Those are salt-water tropical fish not the freshwater fish you see in pet-stores.

What is the difference between tropical fish and marine fish?

The word tropical simply means that something is from the tropics; ie, near the equator. There are two kinds of tropical fish; tropical freshwater and tropical marine. When someone says 'tropical fish' in a pet store, or in the context of an aquarium, they generally mean tropical freshwater. Marine fish are simply fish that come from the ocean, ie, they are saltwater fish.

Is a guppy a tropical fish?

Yes guppies are freshwater tropicals.

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