Are users part of the active directory?

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yes users are the important part of active directory as the users are assigned the permission to use the resources, groups, printers .We can assign users to a group and apply permission on them we can put them in OU and apply restriction /permission etc.Without users there is no meaning of resources.
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What is active directory?

Active Directory in Windows Server 2003 The Active Directory is the one of the important part of Windows Server 2003 networking .First need to know and understand Active directory . How does it work? It makes information easy for the administrator and the users. You can use the Active Directory t ( Full Answer )

What advantages does active directory offer for managing user accounts?

1. It will provide fully integrated security in the form of user logon's and authentication. 2. It makes easy in administration in the form of group policies and permissions. 3. It makes easy to identify the resources. 4. It will provide scalability, flexibility and extentiability. 5. It ( Full Answer )

What is Active directory Naming Context?

Active Directory NC (Naming Context's). Active Directory consists of three partitions or naming contexts (NC) . Domain, Configuration and Schema Naming Contexts . Each are replicated independently . An Active Directory forest has single schema and configuration . Every domain controller (DC) ( Full Answer )

How would you find all users that are not logged in since last month in active directory?

Dsquery is a command-line tool that is built into Windows Server 2008. It is available if you have the Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) server role installed. To use dsquery, you must run the dsquery command from an elevated command prompt. To open an elevated command prompt, click Start, ri ( Full Answer )

Can you retrieve user passwords from active directory?

It is not possible to see or obtain the password for an Active Directory user. That would breach the security measures that Windows attempts to put in place. The only thing you can do as an administrator is reset the password. But you can never identify the current password unless the user tells ( Full Answer )

Active directory 2003 and active directory 2008 differences?

One of the really exciting new ones is the concept of the read-only domain controller. Before with AD, as compared with NT 4.0 in particular, every domain controller has a writable copy of your directory. You can make a change anywhere and it will propagate throughout the environment. At the same ti ( Full Answer )

What is role in active directory?

The role refers to the service or services that the server is providing, such as DHCP, DNS, HTTP, etc.

Why is Active Directory so important?

more secure delegation easy robust easy manageability(ou) easy administration and control all regions have same data can manage millions of objects search easy Increases the Productivity of Users Reduces the Burden of IT Administration Increase Fault Tolerance to minimize Downtim ( Full Answer )

How does Active Directory increase the productivity of users in a smaller enterprise company?

1. It will provide fully integrated security in the form of user logon's and authentication. 2. It makes easy in administration in the form of group policies and permissions. 3. It makes easy to identify the resources. 4. It will provide scalability, flexibility and extentiability. 5. It is ( Full Answer )

Why was DNS Server service installed as part of the installation of Active Directory?

because it is the pre condition for active directory to work. the work of dns is to find host( machine in the network ) with help of IP or hostname( computer name) and dns stores all the info about it DNS makes ip addresses readable to us, for example instead of 172.63.187 we would type ( Full Answer )

What is LDP in active directory?

LDP.exe is a tool to perform LDAP operations i.e It Allow Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) operations, such as connect, bind, search, modify, add, and delete, to be per-formed against Active Directory.

What is Active Directory Integrated?

The term is active directory dns integrated means that during replication of AD all changed/ updated data is replicated and we dont have to replicate DNS zone files(which contains information aout the dns records) seperately . Active Directory-integrated DNS enables Active Directory storage and rep ( Full Answer )

Would you use Excel to import users from CSV files into your active directory?

Excel has no relation to Active Directory. If you have permission to import, you should be able to import directly from a CSV file, and not have to import into Excel first. Check with your systems or network administrator to see how your specific network Active Directory is configured.

What tool can you use to create user accounts and populate the Active Directory database?

, there is a plenty of options available. 1. Active Directory Users and Computers (from Administrative Tools) 2. dsadd user - command line tool (see the dsadd user help in command line window) 3. CSVDE.EXE - command line tool to import/create the users using CSV file 4. LDIFDE.EXE - comma ( Full Answer )

What is Active Directory Recycle Bin?

Active Directory Recycle Bin is a feature that helps minimize directory service downtime by enhancing your ability to preserve and restore accidentally deleted Active Directory objects without restoring Active Directory data from backups, restarting Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS), or reboo ( Full Answer )

What do you mean by active directory user?

Active directory users are nothing but the ones those are authenticated or able to access the directory with all the benefits of directory

What are the Benefits of active directory services?

Security -Having only one domain means better security through a single security policy and a single set of administrators. If you have multiple domains and forests, each has its own administrator. One weak but trusted domain exposes all the other forests and domains. With only a single domain, it's ( Full Answer )

What does ISTG do in active directory?

ISTG is used for replication between sites ie intersite replication . it selects the bridge head server automatically which willl be authorised to replicate information to other bridge head server of other site. If the bridge head server goes down then due to ISTG a new server takes its place and ad ( Full Answer )

Why Active Directory is called active?

Active Directory is called active bacause it is activelyupdating it's data through replication from differnt sitesand other domain controllers with in the network

How does Active Directory use DNS?

When you install Active Directory on a server, you promote the server to the role of a domain controller for a specified domain. When completing this process, you are prompted to specify a DNS domain name for the Active Directory domain for which you are joining and promoting the server. If durin ( Full Answer )

What is the rid in active directory?

Users, computers, and groups (collectively known as "security principals") that are stored in Active Directory are assigned Security Identifiers (SIDS), which are unique alphanumeric numeric strings that map to a single object in the domain. SIDS consist of a domain-wide SID concatenated with a mono ( Full Answer )

Why error is displayed while creating new users in active directory users and computers?

The error could be due to folwloing The network is down. The domain controller is not reachable(PDC is not available need to check, RID stack is not full and RID master is not down) The account used does not have permission to add user/computer etc Check the event log to find the event id ( Full Answer )

How does directory services benefit the user?

Directory services allow one to search for contact information for a person or business. This benefits the user because it is a quick and easy way to retrieve this type of information.

What does Active Directory use to allow administrators to query and modify users groups and computers?

The DS tools consist of the following commands DSQUERY - search for active directory objects matching criteria DSGET - retrieves selected attributes from active directory objects DSMOD - modify attributes for one or more active directory objects DSADD - create active directory objects DSMOVE - mov ( Full Answer )