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Not necessarily to humans, they mainly drink animal bloodbut on the issue of illnesses they come with all kinds of dangers, fleas, ticks, rabies and a ton more.

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What diseace do vampire bats carry?

they can carry loads of harmful diseaces

Are bat feces harmful to people?

not all bats are harmful to people it eats fruit and insects only the vampire drinks blood of people and animals

Are vampire bats mega bats?

No. Vampire bats are microchiroptera (micro bats).

Do jaguars eat vampire bats?

Jaguars are not on the list of predators for vampire bats. The main predators of vampire bats are hawks and eagles.

Can a bats walk?

only vampire bats. only vampire bats.

What do vampire bats smell like?

vampire bats

Are vampire bats omnivores?

Vampire bats are omnivores.

Are vampire bats amphibions?

No. Vampire bats are mammals.

Why are vampire bats in Romania?

Romania has not vampire bats.

Are vampire bats vertebrates?

Yes vampire bats are vertebrates

Do vampire bats have legs?

Yes, vampire bats do have legs.

Do vampire bats live in Romania?

We have not vampire bats in Romania.

What are vampire bats habits?

i don't know what vampire bats habits are

All vampire bats have what on their feet?

Vampire bats have claws on their feet.

What type of teeth do vampire bats have?

vampire bats have sharp teeth

How are vampire bats born?

Vampire bats are born out of the males mouth.

How long do vampire bats hibernate?

I think vampire bats do hibernate

Where can you find vampire bats in Romania Transylvania?

Vampire bats are not in Romania !

Do all vampire bats have wings?

Like all bats, all vampire bats have wings.

Are vampire bats the same as vampires?

No Vampire bats are real, and are bats Vampires are not real, and were human.

What do vampires and vampire bats have in common?

Vampires and Vampire bats both drink blood. The only difference is that vampire bats drink animal blood. Plus vampire bats are real. The other type are fictional.

Do vampire bats have enemies?

What are vampire bats enimies? Hawks, Eagles, and humans.

What are baby vampire bats called?

Baby vampire bats are called pups.

What is a vampire bats behavior?

vampire bats are good they dont bite people

Which countries have vampire bats?

well if you are interested then vampire bats are in japan and California