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all ducks have webbed feet, it helps them swim.

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Q: Are webbed feet in the duck a mark of an animal that is not kosher?
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Which animal has webbed feet and a duck's bill?

a duck or a platypus

A furry animal with webbed feet for swimming?

this could be a duck-billed platypus or a duck.

What kind of animal is a duck?

a duck is a bird in which it has feathers but having webbed feet allows it to swim

What type of feet does a duck have?

A duck has webbed feet.

Is there a duck that doesn't have webbed feet?

No, they all have webbed feet.

What animal have webbed feet oil glands and can inflate body when scared?

A duck.

What do you call the feet of a duck?

webbed feet

What the name for duck feet?

webbed feet

What are webfooted animals?

A web footed animal is an animal that has webbed feet like a duck, goose, or a Flamingo. Many birds have webbed feet. Frogs and some Salamanders do too.

What do you call duck feet?

Philamanduckus. The ducks feet are webbed and phili is latin for webbed and ma refers to the feet duckus is the genus for the duck.

What are duck feet called?

ducks have webbed feet

How do you get webbed feet?

Duck-wise, webbed feet is just a natural body formation. Webbed feet are formed within the process of a duck in an egg. Every specie of water-bird (i.e. goose, duck, swan....) has webbed feet! It's a natural thing! Humans cannot have webbed feet because there is no purpose for humans to HAVE webbed feet unless you swim a lot.

What animal adaptations has webbed feet?

Animals who have limbs which are suited to swim and to walk on land have webbed feet. Most amphibians and water bird have such type of feet. For example Frog, Duck

What did the duck get when he stepped on a spider?

webbed feet!

What has blue feather and webbed feet?

a duck

How do webbed feet help a duck?

to swim

Is a duck webbed feet an adaptation?


Which bird has webbed feet for swimming?

A duck does..

How is a duck able to waddle?

Its feet are webbed.

What did the duck get when he stepped on the spider?

webbed feet!

Does duck have claws?

No. Ducks have webbed feet for swimming.

What dog breeds have webbed feet and are white?


What is an adaptation that a duck has?

Webbed feet for better swimming.

What bird has blue feathers and webbed feet?

a duck

Why duck as webbed feet?

Makes swimming easier.