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Are whales able to sleep?

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If they fully slept, they would drown. Half of their brains sleep at any one time.

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Q: Are whales able to sleep?
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Related Questions

How do killer whales sleep?

Killer Whales sleep by floating on the surface.

Do whales sleep?

do whales sleepyes, but they keep swimming so they don't sinkwhale do not sleep or they will drown

How long do whales sleep?

Whales sleep about 30 minutes. That is about the longest they can hold their breath.

Do whales sleep with their eyes open?

whales only sleep half there body at a time

When do killer whales sleep?

Killer Whales sleep at night, just like us human's do!

Do Sperm whales sleep vertical?

Yes. Sperm whales sleep vertically with head down.

Do whales sleep at all?

no whales do not sleep they just swim around all day and night

Do blue whales sleep?

Yes, blue whales do sleep, they normally sleep through the middle of the day. See related link below...

How do whales and dolphins sleep without drowning?

they swim when they sleep

If whales are mammls like us then how do they sleep underwater without breathing?

They don't sleep like we do. They are able to let one half of their brain sleep while the other remains conscious. They continue to surface for air.

Do whales sleep and swim?

Whales do sleep, and whales do swim. But not at the same time. And they can't sleep completely, they need to be a bit awake to remember to Breathe. Dolphins do this by sleeping with half the brain at a time, so probably - being fairly closely related - whales do something similar.

Where do killer whales sleep?

In water

Do whales sleep in the water?


How do Killer whale sleep?

Killer Whales sleep by floating on the surface.

What type of homes do whales have?

Whales do not have homes. They eat, sleep, mate, and die in the ocean.

Which part of the sea do killer whales sleep in?

they sleep and like the tropical water

Do blue whales sleep in open water?

Nope, they sleep in closed water

Do blue whales sleep on the bottom of the ocean?


Where do blue whales sleep?

in the 'blue' ocean

Where do Beluga whales sleep?

At the bottom of the ocean!

How do whales sleep under water?

Yes they do.

Do whales sleep in the summer?

No. While they do sleep in the Summer, they do not sleep any more in the Summer than in the Winter.

Why don't whales drown when they sleep?

They don't drown because some whales go up to shore and sleep up there so then they don't drowned.

What time of day do blue whales sleep?

It is not known what time of the day blue whales sleep. The blue whale is one of the largest and heaviest animals in the world.

How do blue whales sleep?

Whales don't really sleep, they shut down half of their brain at a time, swim slower, and usually have one eye open.