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No, they may be a hybrid from a northern bean, but they are also call canolla beans. They are usually in the Spanish food section of your grocery store.

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Q: Are white kidney beans the same as northern beans?
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Is flageolet beans the same as white kidney beans?

Flageolet beans are characterized as shell beans rather than kidney beans, so they would not be the same as white kidney beans.

Are white beans the same as white kidney beans?

I've never heard of white kidney beans. But I have heard of Navy and just plain old white great nothern beans

Are white kidney beans the same as cannellini beans?


Are chicken peas and white kidney beans the same?

I think you mean chick peas and no they are completely different: white kidney beans are beans and chickpeas are pulses.

Can you freeze white kidney beans turkey chili?

Yes, you can freeze white kidney bean turkey chili because it is the same kind of chili that can be frozen except you used white kidney beans and turkey instead of red kidney beans and ground beef

Are white kidney beans the same as garbanzo beans?

No, Garbanzo beans are like chick peas they have a completely different shape and taste than whit kidney beans

Are runner beans and kidney beans the same?

Beans and Runner Beans the same

Are navy beans and kidney beans the same?

They're different varieties of the same species.

What is the difference between red kidney beans and pinto beans?

They are the same bean, they are only called different names by differnet regions of the country. For example, the main Indian Princess of the Hopi Tribe "KimKim Chickaauwa" calls them kidney beans, while in South Texas, country music singers like Eric Stone always refer to them as Pintos.Kidney beans are larger than pinto beans and are solid red. Pinto beans got their name from the Spanish word "pintado," which means "painted." Hence, pinto ponies and pinto beans, which are smaller than kidney beans and are reddish brown and speckled. Kidney beans and pinto beans are not the same bean.

Are kidney beans same as chili beans?

Kidney beans are a type of bean, while chili bean refers to a recipe or way the beans are cooked. So chili beans can be made with several different types of beans. Commonly used are kidney, pinto and black beans.

Are great northern beans the same as lima beans?


Weather kidney beans can be given to a kidney patient?

Yes. Kidney beans are only named such because of they have the same shape as a kidney. One food kidney patients should definitely avoid is starfruit!

Are cannellini beans the same as cannelloni beans?

Cannelloni is a pasta dish with no beans in it. Cannellini beans are large white beans.

Which takes longer to cook great northern beans or pinto beans?

both the same time .. they are yummy ..thank you

If you are allergic to pinto and kidney beans would that mean you are most likely allergic to black beans too?

Since black beans are in the same legume family as pinto and kidney beans, it makes sense that someone allergic to pintos and kidneys could also be allergic to black ....and other beans. However, when I had my fancy $900.00 blood test for food allergies done (immunolab, Florida), my results showed only kidney bean and pinto bean allergies, but none to black beans, chick peas, or soy.

Are speckled butter beans the same as northern beans?

no, the great northern bean is a fully developed "green" or "string" bean, the speckled butter bean is a flat pod bean, and bears almost no resemblance.

Are white beans and cannellini beans the same?

no one bean is called a white bean and the other is called a cannellini bean and because they have different names that makes them different

Are great northern beans the same as navy beans?

From Wikipedia:The small, white navy bean, also called pea beanor haricot, is particularly popular in Britain and the US, featured in such dishes as baked beans and even pies, as well as in various soups such as the famous Senate Bean Soup.[8] Navy bean varieties include: * Great Northern beans * Rainy River * Robust * Michelite * Sanilac

Is the stomach the same as a kidney?

No, the stomach is not the same as the kidney.

Are navy beans and so ya beans same?

No, navy beans are not the same as soya beans. They are two different plants.

Is soybean and white bean are the same?

No, white bean is a regular bean from the Phaseolus genus, soybean is from the Glycine genus. Soy beans are white or pale yellow.

What are the basic ingredients in an easy chili recipe?

The method will be roughly the same regardless of which main ingredient you use - beans can take more time if you use dried ones as you have to soak them overnight, but if you get presoaked beans the recipe will take the same amount of time and be just as easy. The basic ingredients are ground beef (or turkey, or beans), chopped onions, chopped tomatoes, kidney beans, and chili powder,

What are navy beans called in Hindi Specifically you want to make baked beans back home in India and you need the name of the beans?

Well Navy beans and pinto beans both are from same class of what we call in India as Rajma. We have less bias, navy beans - white Rajma, Pinto beans - printed rajma

What is the density of white beans?

density is equal to mass over volume or D=M/V. With that if you weigh the amount of beans that then put same amount of beans in to a container of water you get your volume. the method is called water displacement and volume can be in either mL or cm^3 they are the same

Are butter beans and broad beans the same?

Butter beans and broad beans are not the same thing. Broad beans are part of the Vicia faba species while butter beans are part of the Phaseolus lunatus species.