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They are native


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Some pine trees are native to New Zealand and some are not, such as the Kahikatea or white pine which is native to New Zealand. :)

The Eastern White Pine, Virginia Pine, Shortleaf Pine, and Pitch Pine are all native to the state. They are most found in Eastern Kentucky.

black spruce,white or paper birch.

There are many varieties of trees that are used for Christmas trees. Available varieties depend on where you live. Popular varieties of Christmas trees include: Fir Trees: Balsam, Canaan, Douglas, Fraser, Grand, Noble, Concolor (White) Pine Trees: White, Scotch, Virginia, Eastern White Spruce Trees: Colorado Blue, Norway, White Cypress Trees: Arizona, Leyland Cedar Trees: Eastern Red Cedar

White oak, bur oak, red oak, pin oak

White wddings, christmas cards, christmas pine trees and traditional afternoon tea

These types of trees tend to be native to higher elevations and forest edges, so they receive more direct sunlight. The white bark was likely an evolutionary step that allowed them to reflect more of this radiation, keeping the trees cooler and increasing the soil quality near the base of the trees.

Yes. See the following web link:

The most popular trees are the balsam fir, Douglas fir, Fraser fir, noble fir, Scotch pine, Virginia pine, and white pine.

No. Honey was introduced by Europeans around the 17th century. The Natives referred to bees as "white man's flies"

Species of shrew found in Ireland include:- The Pygmy shrew (Native) Common shrew (Native) The Greater white-toothed shrew (New discovery, believed to have been recently introduced).

A few of the native trees are:Post Oak, Birch, Beech, Hop trees, white Oak, Hickory, chestnut, sweet gum. Common meadow flower include the rose, dandelion, Goldenrod, Wild Sarsasaparilla, bunchberry and goldthread.

The majority of Hispanic people are a mixture of races: white-black, native-white, native-black, or native-white.

There are 3,800 species of trees in the Philippines, the most famous of which is the narra tree. The narra is the national tree. Its wood is one of the world's hardest woods. It is also a source of medicine and dye. Other trees native to the Philippines are the almon, apitong, guijo, kamagong, red and white lauan, tindalo, yakal and the Philippine mahogany or molave tree.

Francis White - Virginia - died in 1826.

It isn't.The koala is native to Australia alone and has not been introduced to any other country.With the advent of white settlement in Australia, the koala became extinct in South Australia, but new colonies have been reintroduced to parts of that state.

Kauri, Rimu, Totara, Horoeka (Lancewood), Kahikatea (white Pine), Ti Kouka (Cabbage Tree)

It was Washingtons favorite treat so when Adam ( the first president to live in the white house) lived in the white house he introduced it.

I would not say that he started a tradition, but he had an outdoor tree decorated for Christmas on the White House lawn. It was about 20 years before anymore White House Christmas trees appeared.

Thomas Jefferson introduced handshaking to replace bowing at White House receptions.

They weren't raciest, the native Americans thought that the white people were disrespecting the land and the white people thought that the native Americans were immoral.

Eastern redbud, sugar maple, river birch, red maple, flowering dogwood, white birch, weeping willow...etc.

there name origionally came from the name pinus strobus

No. Virginia is it's own kinda state.

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