Oak Trees

There are hundreds of species of oak trees around the world. The highest percentages are located in North America and China. Oak trees produce a fruit called an acorn.

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Oak Trees

What does oak trees need to grow?

sun water and good soil

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Oak Trees

Is the oak tree indigenous to South Africa?

No, Oak trees are not indigenous to South Africa.

There are a number of different species, mostly indigenous to N America, Europe and the Mediterranean

Oak Trees

How long does it take a oak tree to grow 30m high?


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Oak Trees

How much sun dose a oak tree need?

It needs quite alot of sun so I suggest you put it in full sun and give it quite a generous amount of water as it is quite hard to grow.

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Oak Trees

What is native American Indian word for oak tree?

There are many types of Native Americans, thus many different Native American dialects. Therefore you have to specify which Native American tribe you are referring to.

Oak Trees

What age does oak trees produce acorns?

5 years

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Oak Trees

How Long must acorns be frozen before grown?

Acorns should be refrigerated to keep them from drying out, but do not freeze them.

Red Oak acorns should be kept moist and refrigerated for at least 42 days. White Oak acorns germinate quickly and can be planted immediately. Be sure to identify the type of oak tree you collect acorns from.

Oak Trees

What animal eats oak tree leaves?

Squirrels, badgers, and hedgehogs eat oak tree leaves.

Oak Trees

What is the yellow dust from an oak tree?


Oak Trees

How do you plant an oak tree from an acorn seed?

== == Score or crack the shell, you make a hole in the dirt, put the acorn in, and cover the hole with soil....wait.... Don't forget to water!

Oak Trees

What is stratifying?

stratisfying is the proccces of arranging data into classes or stratas

Oak Trees

What is the name of a young tree?


Oak Trees

What animal eats oak trees?

wombats, carpender ants, and the rare foliage dieted bear of the Netherlands

Oak Trees

Why do oak trees have different amounts of acorns yearly?

Acorns are the fru it of an oak tree. The number of acorns depends on several factors. The number of flowers the tree produces, the number of flowers that are pollinated, the health of the tree, and the age of the tree would all have an affect on the number of acorns produced.

Oak Trees

How tall does an Oak tree grow?

There are different varieties of Oak tree and their heights vary. Here are some examples:

The American White Oak, Japanese Oak and European Oak can reach a height of 100 FT

American Red Oak reaches a height of 70 FT.

Oak Trees

Why should you cut down a oak tree?

you shouldn't cos it is a tree

Oak Trees

What types of fruit grows on oak trees?


Oak Trees

What kind of nut grows on a oak tree?


Oak Trees

Which part of a oak tree is like your skin?

the bark is the part of an oak tree that is most like a human skin
Oak Trees

When to trim oak trees?

When the leaves change color in the fall is the best time to trim oak trees. These trees are infected with insects in different regions and have a very prutent smell to them. The insects are attracted to the small of a wounded tree. Also with diseases like oak wilk and sudden oak death fungal problems make their way into open wounds in the spring and summer time very easily.

Oak Trees

Will oak tree die if stump is removed?


Oak Trees

Why are there no caterpillars on the oak tree in winter?

There are not caterpillars in winter because many oak trees lose their leaves over the winter, so there is a scarcity. The lifecycle of caterpillars (butterflies and moths) is to hatch when there is food available. Some caterpillars hibernate during the winter to survive. Thus that is why we don't see caterpillars in the winter.

Oak Trees

What is the cinnection between laurel oak trees an athletes?

because the death resembles the tree

Oak Trees

What are the branches of a grown oak tree called?

thicker and stronger than saplings

Oak Trees

What an oak tree looks like?

They look like beautiful trees just like your face <3


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