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Q: Are wild turnip leaves safe for horses if baled in with hay?
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Is it safe to feed a rat a banana?

Yes just don't feed it turnip

What things can you get from stroking a horse in safe haven on howrse?

You can get a turnip, but you can only do it once a day

Are potato skins safe to eat for ponies and horses?

No they are not safe, Potatoes are toxic to horses and shouldn't be fed to them.

Is it safe to feed horses watermelon?

Yes. Both the rind and the pulp are safe for horses to eat.

What are safe vegetables for horses?

* * *

Is it safe for horses to eat mushrooms and toadstools?

No,it is not safe for horses to eat mushrooms and toadstools.This can cause a very bad sickness dissease for horses and a deadly death.

How do you stroke horses at the safe haven with the updated howrse i can't find it?

The Safe Haven horses are now at the bottom of the My Office page

Are rubarb leaves safe to eat?

Do not eat the leaves, they are poisonous

Is it safe to feed sq bales to sheep where the hay itself is not moldy but when a bale is opened mold dust emits. The farmer who baled the hay said the grass was dry but the ground was wet when baled?

I would not feed it to my animals as if it is mouldy it will have mycotoxins which can kill your stock - though you could still use it on your garden as mulch.

Is beardless wheat hay safe for horses?

I use it in combination with alfalfa, my horses love it!

How do you get tom nooks photo on animal crossing wild world?

you have to get the red turnip from joanthen you get the red vase from wendellthen you get the safe from saharahthen you give the safe to tom nook to get his pic

Can horses eat beet tops?

There is nothing that says they are safe or un-safe. However many horses won't eat them as they may be too bitter.