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Are yellow-eyed penguins endangered?

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Yes, they are the most endangered of all penguins with only about 7,000 pairs left.

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The yellow-eyed penguin is not endangered. Its population is listed as Vulnerable as its population is still recovering from being exploited in the past.

2010-06-04 07:48:47
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Q: Are yellow-eyed penguins endangered?
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Are Penguins endangered in Antarctica?

yes.Jackass penguins are endangered

How can you save the endangered penguins?

How can we help save the endangered penguins?

Are humbolt penguins endangered?

Yes. This is one of five endangered penguins.

How are penguins becoming endangered?

Some species of penguins are currently on the endangered list. Climate change and humans are responsible for penguins becoming endangered.

Is the penguin endangered?

are penguins endangered

Why are king penguins endangered?

King penguins are not endangered. Listed as least concern by the IUCN.

Are Galapagos penguins endangered?

Action should be taken to ensure that these Penguins do not become endangered

Are penguins endangered spieces?

no penguins are threatened

Are endangered penguins endangered?

well yes

What kind of penguins are endangered?

the most endangered penguins are the galapagoes penguin and the yellow eyed penguin.

Are penguins and puffins endangered?

Some species of penguins are endangered. Puffins are watched and there are groups lobbying to place them on the endangered species list.

What is more endangered polar bears or penguins?


What penguins species are endangered?

yellow eyed penguins

Are Emperor penguins endangered species?

No, they are not endangered species.

Are humboldt penguins endangered?

Yes, it is an endangered species.

Why are little blue fairy penguins endangered?

Little Blue Penguins, also known as Fairy Penguins, are not endangered. They have a conservation status of "Least concern".

Are king penguins endangered?


Are Fairy Penguins Endangered?

There are lots and lots of Fariy penguins out there!!!

Are Galapago penguins endangered?

Yes, these penguins do not do well with sudden changes in climate, so they are put on the endangered list

Are the Empire Penguins Endangered?

No. The emperor penguin is not an endangered species.

Who put emperor penguins on the endangered list?

No one. They are not endangered.

Are penguins extinct or endangered?

Both extinct and endangered birds

Are blue penguins endangered?

Blue penguins are not endangered. Also called little or fairy penguins, they can be found in large numbers on New Zealand's islands and Australia.

Are Adelie penguins endangered?

Adelie penguins are not endangered. On the conservation scale of ex --> lc they are at the lc scale - Least concern.

Is the jackass penguin endangered?

Yes cute Jackass penguins are endangered!!