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Are you a leader or a follower?


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Sounds like a Domme (leader) Submissive (follower) relationship..

i consider myself as both. you cannot be a leader unless you can follow.. being a leader doesn't mean that you will only stand and do nothing. and a follower to just follow whatever your ......... bozz ask you. its a dance that you have to work evenif your a leader and to follow the steps if you are a follower

The antonym of leader is follower.

no, a kilogram is a follower, not a leader.

A leader is one who takes self initiative to get something done ... leads the pack you might say. The follower is just a "worker bee" who does what they are told to do.

never be a follower. u should always try ur best to be a leader

dont know you should be a leader not a follower cause i am 11 and i am alone to so be a leader not a follower P.S. (good luck)

I would like to be a leader someone who leads but doesn't boss around=]]

because she is a follower and not a leader

The opposite of follower is leader. Plural is leaders. There are many types of leaders, which depending on the context, could be used as more precise nouns to mean leader(s).

Yes, it does because a Priest in a Church is not a follower, but he leads people and yes it does mean leader.

One may consider himself or a herself a leader if they have a strong influence on a given group of people or friends. One may also be a follower if they are influenced by someone or some people.

The leader of Ghana is Mansa Musa and Sunni Ali. You can also use Sundiata Keiita but he is not a leader he is more like a cheif.( a follower)

>Good leader is a good follower. >Good leader must know how to how to improve his/her group or a country. >Good leader know what is justice for everyone.

I'm more inclined to believe from life experience that a good reader is a good leader, rather than follower.

There are advantages and disadvantages to being a leader OR a follower! A follower can:Defer to someone else's judgment, opinion, or experience.Hide behind someone else's decisions, so the leader might get in more trouble than the follower.Learn by watching the leader(s).Make fewer waves and have less conflicts with others.Opt out of following to become a leader.I would rather be a follower if:We were walking through snake infested waters.We were wading through a swamp with alligators around.We encountered an angry bull elephant.We were walking behind horses in a parade (since horses excrete whenever and wherever they please).You opened a closet door where a man with a hatchet was hiding.I wanted to learn from watching how a leader handles situations.I was alive following the coffin of a which case, I might become a leader since you died.

He was the prophet of Almighty Allah. He was a good leader as he was guided by Almighty Allah. He was very kind to his follower.

An apostle is a follower of a religious leader. Peter and Paul were two of Jesus' apostles.

Ishmeal is the common person; the follower, not the leader.

you never be a follower always lead unless your trying to do the same thing as they're doing even then do things that are different

to be a leader not a followermake good choices

Swami Vivekananda once told 'Leader cannot be made, they are born'. It is wiser to be follower rather than trying in vain to be a leader, without possessing the in born qualities. However, under democratic set up, even a party supporter can rise to the level of becoming minister even president.

No, a disciple is to be an 'imitator' of Jesus Christ and follow His perfect example.

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