Are you able to get a advanced PET in 2013?

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you can not really get it but you can get it a unlikely way which is to ask someone for it
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Are you able to have an elephant as your pet?

NO!! the elephant will die unless you live in Africa recommended NOOOOOOO!!!!! Elephants should be wild!!!!! P.S. Dont get an elephant it could turn evil

Is Pet-smart Trust-able?

Are you planning to get a rodent, like a: . Hamster . Guinea Pig . Rat . Mouse . Dwarf Hamster . Gerbil Or . Fancy Rat Because Pet-Smart is quite reliable with

Who is able to teach advanced life support?

The Cascade Training Center is one of the largest Training Centers in the United States. Faculty Members include Physicians, Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, Mobile

Are kookaburras able to be pets?

No. Kookaburras are completely wild birds, and protected by law in all states of Australia except for Tasmania, to which it was introduced.
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When will your pet unicorn be able to eat?

Due to this ficticous philosophy, it will never be able to eat. This reason being is that it doesn't exist.- Scientist Amy Walters
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Where is one able to get a cash advance now?

There are a range of different options for one to get a cash advance right away depending on what country one is located. In Canada there are places such as Money Mart and Ca
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What service jobs are pets able to do?

Service animals are able perform a variety of tasks for their owners depending on the disability the owner has. The most well known type of service dog is the guide dog for t