Are you allowed to smack a baby?

Updated: 12/18/2022
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You spelled Doofus wrong, tardybrain.

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Q: Are you allowed to smack a baby?
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When was Smack Bunny Baby created?

Smack Bunny Baby was created in 1993-07.

How do you save a baby ducks life?

smack it in the face

Which songs did akon write in prison?

push push baby

What does Wcuglps mean?

eat our terrible food ( its like smack to a baby )

Do teacher smak a children?

In the UK, teachers are not allowed to smack or otherwise corporeally punish a child.

Should parents be allowed to smack their children?

That is a matter of opinion, some people think it hurts children's self-esteem, others think it is a form of discipline. I think parents should be allowed to smack their children, enough to hurt and teach them what they are doing is wrong, but not so much as to take belts and spoons and smack their children so much that they bleed.

What happens if you smack baby?

it will die and become a superhero and save the day and calls 911

Are you allowed to smack your kid?

Yes and no, there are some countries where it is not allowed at all and others where there is no law to cover it. Developed countries generally don't allow it however it also depends on the nature of the smack. Some would consider a small tap to the hand or leg as a reprimand that is entirely acceptable but others consider any form of hitting a child to be wrong. I think the middle ground is best as children do need discipline as well as love and understanding. NO! that is your child! you smack your child...then it will do the same to their children. if its naughty...tell it off....DO NOT smack.

Did akon smack that?

smack what?

Why hit a child on the buttocks after the birth?

this was traditionally done so the force of the smack would help the baby to breathe if i recall

If you can't have a baby are you allowed to get a arificial insemination?

Allowed - sure. But you have to pay for it.

How do you say smack in tongan?