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Yes. If you leave your car door open on the drivers side and are parked on the correct side of the road you are At Fault. You need to look before you get out of the car to make sure it is safe. Moving cars have the right of way against those which are parked.

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Q: Are you at fault if you leave your car door open for more than a few seconds and someone runs into it?
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Who's at fault if someone opens their car door in traffic and the door is hit?

The person that opens the door is at fault

If you are backing into a parking space and you are hit by the drivers side door to the rear wheel who is at fault?

Well if you were backing in and hit someone then it is your fault. But if they hit you, then it is their fault.

Who is at fault is someone is closing the door of a parked car and their door is hit by a passing car?

Virtually ANY time a vehicle door opens into moving traffic it will be the responsibility/fault of the party who was in control of the door. The questioner states that they were CLOSING the door??? That may be their story, but it will probably be difficult proving it.

Who is at fault if a garage door is opening and car drives into it before it clears the path?

With garage door opening probably the fault of the driver. With a closing door driver could be not at fault if someone closed it on top of car. But opening should be seen by driver. Like running into a closed door that's not moving. Unless someone told the driver it was open and it wasn't and so the driver hit it backing out. Or it was open then someone else closed it and started to open it again.

Who is at fault when someone is backing out of parking lot and the car next to it has door open and you hit the door?

Rule of thumb: if two cars are in an accident and only one of them is moving, it's the fault of the car that was moving.

If your car is parked and someone drives into your open door?

Depends when you opened the door, but both parties will be at fault regardless. Mainly because why would you leave the door wide open even though you knew there was on-coming traffic and the other driver should have slowed down or stopped and wait for you close it and then go.

If the car door hits someone else's and they leave who is liable?

the person who leaves

Who is at fault if someone opens a car door as another car is pulling into the parking space next to them and hits it?

I beleive, whoever's car is moving (wheel-wise), is at fault.

Who is fault is it when someone opens their door while your pulling in next to them?

The person driving the vehicles fault. Should have been paying attention and be alert for anything to happen at anytime.

Who is at fault if a driver in a parked car has a door open in oncoming moving traffic in Pennsylvania?

Opening a door into traffic makes the door opener at fault. If the door is opened safely and some driver then runs into it, the moving driver is at fault.

Who is at fault if someone is closing the door of a parked car and the oncoming passing car and the driver is not paying attention hits the parked car?

Nonone If the car is legally parked and the door is being closed, it is the car that hit it's fault, or rather the person driving that car. If the door was being opened, it is the person opening the door.

Can you place someone things outside your door for them to get since they refuse to leave on their own?

no you shouldn't

If your car is parked and you open the door and someone hits your door with their car who is at fault?

Technically it would be your fault as you are not supposed to put parts of your car into the path of a car. Having said this, no accident is ever 100% someone's fault. In Wisconsin you are 10% at fault just for being there.As the answer above stated, it is your responsibility to look for oncoming cars before opening your door. The only situation in which there may be an exception to this is if you were in a parking lot and the other car pulled in beside you after you had already begun opening your door.

Who is liable when legally parked and driver side door left open 5 seconds and the door gets hit by a vehicle?

If you were parked on the street, it is actually illegal to open the driver's door in most states. It would be your fault. You always want to make absolutely sure that nothing is coming from behind, and then make a quick exit. If you have something that you need to take with you such as a breifcase, camera bag, etc., you leave it, and go around to the passenger side to retrieve the item. If you were in a parking lot, it would be the other vehicle's fault.

What do you do if someone knocks on your door at 3A.M.?


What do you do if someone knocks on your door?

Look out the window. If it's someone you know, you answer it. If it isn't loock the doors and keep quiet till they leave.

Who is at fault when parking garage door falls on car?

It would be YOUR fault UNLESS you can prove there is a manufacturing defect in the door. How you can prove that, I don't know.

Who is at fault when opening a car door and following vehicle hit the door with the front of their car.?

In general, the moving car would be at fault because pedestrians always have the right of way. However, under certain circumstances, it could be the door-opener's fault.

Whose at fault when your car door is hit while getting out of the car?

Generally speaking the person opening the door is at fault. I personally know of a couple of such cases and both times the door opener was at fault and at least one of the people was ticketed by the police.

Who is at fault if you hit another a car while opening your door?

Most likely it will be considered your fault.

Who is at fault when you crashed in to a door of a parked car?

If YOU hit something that was standing still, it can only be YOUR fault .

Who is at fault if both vehicles are parked in loading zone one parks to close and opens door door is hit as other vehicle leaves?

I know of a case where a person opened a door on a narrow road and it was struck by another vehicle driving down the road. The person opening the door was at fault. Your situation sounds a bit different but the person opening the door may be at fault.

Who is at fault if your car door is open and another car drives into it?

The other driver's fault. He or she should have paid attention.Another View; IT DEPENDS. If you opened the door to a traveled lane and it was struck by passing traffic - YOU are the one at fault.

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