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My question is ... why are you still living together? If you have to go back home, or find another place ask him to be the man and leave until you find another place to live. No, he's not being mentally abusive because you are split-up and owe each other nothing, BUT, put it this way .... he's ignorant and has no consideration for your feelings. Sit down with him and tell him what you think of it, and ask him if he'd be man enough to leave until you can find another place to live. If it's his place, then I'd live with a relative, girlfriend (paying something for my keep even if it meant doing housework if I didn't have a job) rather than put up with this. Get out of there! Good luck Marcy I agree with Marcy 100%. If I break up with a man I live with, the bags are packed; whether they are his or mine. You're in a bad place, girl. This guy has got it made in the shade. You have put yourself under his control enough to let him make you feel abused, you probably clean the house, and he doesn't even have to answer to you for looking at other women - much less bringing other women into your domain. That's sick!!!! I've got one word for you, sis: DOORMAT. He'll keep wiping his boots off on your heart as long as you let him, and he'll feel no remorse because he thinks that surely, you know what you're doing...

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Q: Are you being mentally abused if he brings another girl to your house when you have only been broken up a few months if you still live together?
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