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== == Not really, definitely not enough to count but that seems like a harsh way to diet. Why don't you just eat small portions of healthy foods instead. It is alot better than starving.

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Q: Are you consuming any calories if you just chew on food and then spit it out?
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Do dolphins chew their food?

No dolphins chew their food. They just use their teeth to grasp food and then they swallow it.

If you are only consuming one thousand calories a day and exercising for 30 minutes a day why are you not losing weight?

Its depends on how much fat you are consuming. If you are consuming only one thousand calories a day and that is not working try just making your portions of food smaller. Just because you exercise doesn't always mean that you will lose a lot of weight. Don't worry about how many calories! Just make your eating portions smaller and keep exercising! Good Luck!

Do bald eagles chew there food or just swallow?

Since they have no teeth they can't chew their food, so they swallow it.

How do you eat your breakfast?

Just chew and chew and chew!If I chewed for a long time... I spit it out!I eat Chinese food

What happens if you chew your food more?

Not much happens if you chew your food more. The food will just become more ground up from chewing.

Do pancakes make you gain weight?

no! no certain food makes you gain weight. it's all about how many calories you burn vs. how many you are consuming. keep in mind your body burns tons of calories just by being alive.

How can i measure the amt of calories that i am consuming each day?

I just started doing this too. You can look at the nutritional facts and keep a food journal or of you have a smart phone there's apps that can keep track for you

Does the frog chew its food with the vomerine teeth?

No. The vomerine teeth just hold the food.

Does the frog chew its food?

Frogs do not chew their food, a prey-item is swallowed whole. Some frogs have teeth but they just hold the prey and are not for chewing.

Why the energy in food is usually stated in kilojoules than joule?

Just convenience; the same way food Calories and used instead of calories.

Is calories a mineral?

Calories are just a measurement of the energy given from a food. so no, its not a mineral.

How many calories are in strong kingfisher beer?

Kingfisher Premium Lager contains 140 calories per 12 oz serving, which is just over 11 calories per ounce. Consuming one 22 oz bottle provides you with 242 calories, while a pint on tap comes in at just over 180 calories.

Is exercising the way to lose weight?

YES!!! all weigh depends on calories in compared to the calories exerted so exercising helps to exert these calories as well as build muscle giving you a sculpted look. Just watch how many calories you are consuming

Did the brontosaurus chew its food?

There's no such thing as brontosaurus is just a misidentified apatosaurus

Do sea otters chew their food?

no they just swallows it and let it dissolve by there intestine

What is food energy lost as?

Calories in. Calories out. A calorie is just a way to measure the energy created and spent by eating. This is just a simplified answer.

What is the worst food for your health?

From what i know Fast Food, Fatty Food, Sweet Food The best is just natural food as there what our bodies should really be consuming.

Do blobfish chew their food?

no because blobfish have no teeth and just suck in food nearby like sea urchins (ect)

What are some foods that you can burn calories on just by chewing the food?

almost everything you do burns calories, including eating. Some foods burn more than others, but all food burns calories.

Will smelling an aroma or food contribute calories?

Haha, no. It'll just make you want to eat more. The only way that you consume calories is if you consume food.

What are the effects of not consuming enough calories?

i think you just don't have enough energy to do much. you will feel tired and exhausted. if you never eat enough calories, you will lose a lot of weight on top of always feeling sleepy. you need at least some calories.

Do rats eat VHS tapes?

They could. They may be using it to make a nest. They will chew just about anything. They are not actually eating the tapes as in digesting them as food. They are just destructive and will chew anything they so desire.

How can camel eat?

Just like just about any other animal. They have a mouth, with teeth, with which they can bite into food, chew it and swallow it.

What is the number of calories food labels are based on?

Most food labels are based off of a 2000 calorie a day diet for the percentages. The calories are just per servin of that specifi item of food.

Do deer regurgitate food?

Yes. Deer do regurgitate food to chew it as cud just like cows do.

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