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If you are trying to lose weight the best thing to do is eat three times a day and have a good exercise regimen. If you starve yourself then your body will do the thing that you don't want it to do and that is store fat your body will start to think," when is this crazy person going to eat again" And there you are stored fat on the hips, thighs, tummy and other places that you don't want fat. In general though you can smell a bbq and still inhale the fat and gets added onto the weight that you don't want. so yes in general even if you do spit it out I think that you would still get at least half the calories especially in really fatty foods.

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Q: If you are on a diet and decide you wanted to get the taste of what you like and you chewed it and spit it out without swallowing would you still get any of the calories?
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