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Are you insured to drive in Croatia?


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If you purchase your insurance in Croatia then yes I would say so. If you have a policy issued on another continent such as North America then NO. Read your policy, as it will clearly state where you are insured to drive. Driving from USA to Croatia will be rough anyway. Sorry for the sarcasm.

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They are insured as passengers they are not insured to drive it

We need to know what he's insured for. If he's insured to drive the car, then yes. If he's insured with life insurance, then no. But normally it's the car that carries the insurance.

If you're liscensed, and have permission from the person under which the car is insured, you are able to drive the car if it is insured even if you yourself are not insured

The car is insured not the driver however many policies have restrictions as to who may drive the insured vehicle.

You can't drive there it is over an ocean

Insurance follows the car, not the driver. As long as the car is insured and you have permission from the owner to drive it, you are covered.

It depends how old are you and whether or not you are an insured driver under the terms of the terms of your Dad's insurance policy. Your Dad's insurance agent can tell you if you are insured to drive the vehicle.

If you are looking to drive a vehicle home as the winning bidder then the vehicle must be insured. All vehicles must be insured to drive legally on our roads.

my friend used to have a go kart and he used to drive that up the road when it wasn't insured (but our road isn't very busy!!)

Providing you DO NOT live at the same address as the insured (in Massachusetts)

There is no such thing as learner insurance. Any vehicle you wish to drive must be insured if mandated by law in your State, Province, etc.

If youare properly insured and licensed to drive, and you have your friends permission then yes, you can drive their car.

If the car you are driving is insured then you are not driving without insurance.

You have to be eighteen to drive a car

People are not insured. Vehicles are. In other words, it's not necessary for a vehicle owner to determine whether a potential driver is insured. The owner knows whether his car is insured. It is necessary, however, for a person who wishes to drive a vehicle to ensure that it is properly insured. I would not operate a vehicle unless I saw a valid insurance card for it.

No because Slovenia is part of the European Union, as are Italy and Croatia

If he ever drives it he legally has to be insured. If he never sets foot behind the wheel, he does not.

The vehicle is insured not the individual. You can pay for and obtain the insurance in the name of the owner with you listed as an insured operator.

In the UK you must have insurance that covers you to drive the car in question.

Yeah? If Your Insured To Drive It n Have A License

No only those designated by the insurance holder may drive the car.

that depends on their insurance policy

people might drive through your house.

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