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No, we were 36 when we had our first child, now 38 trying for a second. An acquaintance had his last daugher at 50.

Over 40There are so many women conceiving over 40. I've just been to my midwife and she was telling me of a woman who got pregnant with her first at the age of 43.

If you want a family then it's your choice, I personally don't think you are nuts.

I'm about to turn 34, and my husband I are currently trying to conceive. (He's 36.) I personally would have liked to have gotten started sooner, but I didn't meet my husband until I was 30 and we married when I was 31.

In an ideal world, it would have been great to have met him sooner, but I'm glad that it happened later in my life than not at all. I feel the same way about being a mother. I know I don't have the same energy that I did when I was in my twenties, but I also have a lot more emotional maturity. I always wanted to be a young mother, but the good thing is that I like myself better now and keep things in perspective now that I'm older. Maybe that will make me a better mom.

I adore my two nephews and really can't imagine my life without the experience of motherhood. If you feel this way, then I think you should try for a baby. I wouldn't worry about what people think; I think it matters what you and your husband think.

YOU ARE NOT CRAZY! My mother was 40 when she had me. My father was 48. I could never have had better parents.

You've lived life a little bit and you know what's out there to warn your child about. As well, I have kept my parents vital. My father is retired, but my mother still works, putting me through college right now. They both still feel and act like they are in their 20's. I would actually recommend a child. If it's what you want, go right ahead. I wouldn't change my parents age for anything in the world. Don't let something as great as a child pass you up.

Absolutely not! A Friend of mine has been trying for 3 years and after only one miscarrage her and her husband finnaly have a beuatiful little boy and she just turned 41! Also my mother just had her 5th child at 38(which was a surprise). Both of the babies are perfectly healthy and only born about 2/3 weeks early. so go ahead and ignore those others b/c if you dont do what you want to do now then you will regret it forever!

I conceived naturally, first attempt, at 39 yrs and had a healthy, natural birth. My son is adorable. I've always had a young attitude and am fit, slim and healthy - so I had thought age was a mind-thing - UNTIL - I tried to have baby no.2, (coz I loved baby no.1 more than I'd ever expected). Now after 18 months of trying, I've had 3 miscarriages and still no baby. I turn 43 in May, and apparently it's mostly because of my age that this is happening, despite my positive thinking that it wouldn't be a problem. So the moral of the story is - don't leave it too late!

As a midwife I have looked after many women over 35. Probably the most extreme was the couple who had married at 20 then at 40 decided they wanted a family. I looked after her when she had her 3rd at 45.

However fertility generally does drop off after 35 so it may take a little longer to conceive, and older mothers are more at risk of things like pre-eclampsia. Also funnily enough they have more twins, possibly becasue the hormones are a bit less regular and they release two eggs some months and none the next.

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Q: Are you nuts to start a family after 35?
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