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You could be pregnant. You need to go to the doctor. If you are not pregnant, there coud be another problem.


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You could be - take a test if your period doesn't arrive

Well... the white spotted puffer lives for 43 years and 27 days. It is bright purple and is called the white spotted puffer for no good reason. It also has bright blue eyes and a rainbow necklace.

highly possible but stress for not knowing can cause your body to deceive you as well. you can buy a cheap test that is only looking for a hormone but you have to wait a few more days time will tell

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No. It can mean you're a bit dehydrated

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If you are worried contact your dr right away.If the spotting becomes heavy or bright red contact your dr or go to the ER immediately.

Bum Bright bought the Cowboys from Clint Murchison in 1984.

Yes - totally normal. Your uterus is stretching out and growing. Unless it is accompanied by a fair amount of bright red blood, I wouldn't worry at all - in fact it is a good sign!.

The iris controls the amount of light entering the eyes through pupil. When the surrounding is extremely bright, the iris contracts the size of pupil. This decreases the amount of light entering the eye. This is why when we are suddenly exposed to bright light, the eyes blink and in meanwhile, the iris contracts.

I can't read the question, my monitor is too bright. :(

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Go and see the doctor or midwife straight away - this could be serious

a really bright light then darkness

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Think of it this way: If you want a lot of water to flow into one place, would you divide the river? However, it's irrelevant in this case, because the light bulb can only take a certain amount of current and voltage before it burns out. You can have amazingly bright for a millisecond or fairly bright for a long time. Your choice.

because female lions hunt instead of male lions so they don't want to be spotted in the Savannah grass with a bright orange mane. That is also the reason why male lions don't hunt because they would easily be spotted by prey. Hope I've helped!

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Lighting the lamps means carry you life from dark to bright and before it stays dark and after lighting lamp its bright

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