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You could be pregnant. You need to go to the doctor. If you are not pregnant, there coud be another problem.

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Q: Are you pregnant if you spotted a small amount of bright red blood a week before your period was due and then you missed period and now you have cramps?
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Spotted brown on 1st day and then bright red on 2nd day why is it so am i pregnant?

You could be - take a test if your period doesn't arrive

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You spotted pink then brown for 4 days before menstrual cycle then had bright red bleeding for 2days which was light could you still be pregnant?

highly possible but stress for not knowing can cause your body to deceive you as well. you can buy a cheap test that is only looking for a hormone but you have to wait a few more days time will tell

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I started my period 2 days ago and it has been bright red Could I be pregnant or is it something else?

You can't be pregnant if you are having your period

How long should spotting happen before you get checked when your pregnant?

If you are worried contact your dr right away.If the spotting becomes heavy or bright red contact your dr or go to the ER immediately.

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