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I can't possibly know that without examen you. You have to take a test.


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no it can't tell you if you missed your period for 8 weeks

Normally, you should not have your period if you are 8 weeks pregnant from my understanding, if this is happening go talk to your doctor. but please be sure to correct me if I'm wrong.

No. It can take 8 or more weeks to get your period back after a miscarriage.

No, I don't think so. But you can still check with your doctor.

Period can arrive anytime after the withdrawal bleed from 4 weeks to 8 weeks. Its different in every woman.

8 weeks pregnant and spotting after sex is this normal

If there is a male in the tank they will be permamently pregnant (Gravid). They have a gestation period of 8 weeks.

No. If I read this correctly you had a period 8 weeks ago and if I figured the math correctly the most you could be is about 3 weeks along.

Could be and it will effect the development of the baby. I hope you have stopped for the sake of the baby.

The normal progesterone levels for someone who is 8 weeks pregnant is 25.9.

If your blood test was negative I am afraid you are not pregnant. There is some other reason for your missed period.

2 months pregnant. 4 weeks in a month, 4*2=8. 8 weeks in 2 months. :)

Probably 8 weeks. Actually at 8 weeks pregnant the fetus would only be 6 weeks old.

Can you still get pregnant if you havent had a period in 8 months

I really doubt it because at 8 weeks which is 2 months your hcg level should be from anything of 99-140 so if it's 2 i don't thing you still can be pregnant

It would be around 8 weeks before the ultrasound date, since you are not actually pregnant for the first two weeks. Pregnancies are dated from your last period. So period on day one, conceive around 14 days after that and therefore '2 weeks pregnant' at that date of conception.

No it means you got pregnant about 8 weeks ago. pregnancy is counted from 2 weeks before conception.

Yes! If she is eight weeks pregnant that measn it has been 8 weeks since her last period started. Tthe baby would have been conceived around 2 weeks later. So if you had intercourse about 6 weeks ago, then the baby is yours

62 days and 7-8 weeksThe average time that dogs are pregnant for is 9 weeks but a dog could give birth anytime between 8 and 10 weeks.

You actually had sex 8 weeks ago. They count it from your last period. So confusing. But that's the truth! So, no worries.

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