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Area of each ward in Ahmedabad municipality?


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You can get ward area of each ward in Ahmadabad on the official website of AMC -link shared below.


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A ward boss is the leader of the political machine, in a particular area (ward) of the city.

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Ward counsellor,Traditional leaders and municipality manager.

Ward elections are elections held in each borough to elect a member of parliament for each ward in a borough to be avoice for the comunity in parliament the elected mp of each individual ward holds a surgery on a set day each week for members of the community living in that particular ward so that their concerns and questions about how their ward should be or shouldn't be run and any other matters arising such as council problems racism in the ward policing of the ward and any concerns that you think should be heard by the government in parliament that would otherwise go unheard the ward is the local area within a borough council the people that live in the ward are called the constituents and collectively make up the local constituencyin the U.S. it would be Ward Alderperson or city council district serving on the city's governance body. city_town political parties also elect the political party governance body the same way by ward or district

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A ward is an electoral district within a municipality used in local politics. Wards are usually named after neighbourhoods, thoroughfares, parishes, landmarks, geographical features and in some cases historical figures connected to the area. It is common in the United States for wards to simply be numbered.No. of wards make a cities which make districts which make state which make countries.Basically a country sub division.


You may vote only in the particular ward or district of the municipality in which you reside. The state in which you reside sets up those areas. You will be allowed to vote only in the area in which your residence is located. An exception to this is if you vote by absentee ballot, in which case you may vote from wherever you are located at the time.

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Represents the local area (here its called A ward) on the local council.

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Four features of election system in India are -Each district or places are divided into wards. Each ward has one voting center. Each ward has different representatives of different political parties. Each voting center has one electronic vote collecting and counting machine.

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