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created a strong national government(arguments for)

Article of federalist was against because they believe to much power in the hand of big government.

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Q: Arguments for or agents the constitution?
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What were the main arguments against the ratification of the Constitution?

the main arguments against the tatification on the constitution was the the bill of rights to secure ratification and federalisim.

Interpreting this document led to arguments?


What were the two arguments over the constitution?

Well there were Federalists who are for the constitution. and the Anti-Federalists who were agenst the constitution.

What were the federalists main arguments in favor of the constitution?


What arguments did the the federalists make to gain approval of the Constitution?

The Federalist argued that the constitution needed to be ratified in order to correct the issues of the Articles of Confederation. The Federalist focused their arguments on the benefits of a national government.

What were sectional arguments caused by?

People who favored ratification of the new Constitution were called

The Federalist Papers presented strong and convincing arguments in favor of?

adopting the constitution

What were arguments for ratifying the constitution?

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What are arguments for amending a Bill of Rights to the original Constitution?

The argument for adding the Bill of Rights to the Constitution was to protect individual freedoms of the citizens.

What were George Washington's arguments for freedom?

George Washington's arguments for freedom included that it is a natural right for all people. This means that it is a right one is born with. Washington's arguments for freedom helped shape the First Amendment to the constitution.

What were the arguments of the Federalists in favor of the US Constitution?

They wanted a strong central government. Study Island. (;

What were three central arguments against ratification of the Constitution put forth by the Anti-Federalists?


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